New Shanghai

Emporium Melbourne, Level Three, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
03 9994 9386


  • Garlic Cucumbers
  • Shanghai stir-fry noodles with Pork and Vegetables
  • Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumplings

The Good

The cucumbers were quite fresh. Very crunchy and went well with the chopped garlic. However you have to be a garlic person to like this as the flavour was quite strong.

The dumplings were exceedingly juicy. It was almost like having a Xiao Long Bao. The meat and cabbage inside were also very fresh and had good flavours.

The Mediocre

The dumpling skin was verging on being too thick. Obviously the dumpling chefs weren’t as skilled as some other Shanghai restaurants. The dumplings would’ve been perfect otherwise.

The Bad

The noodles were very very oily. There was just way too much oil ans noodles and not enough of anything else. There were barely any vegetables to be found and meat was even more of a rarity in this dish. How disappointing!

The Verdict

Overall a decent place for dumplings, although prices are on the high side when compared to other similar establishments. I would definitely recommend not getting the noodles though.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Maybe. It wasn’t bad overall, but there’s nothing remarkable that would take me back.

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