New Somali Kitchen

284 Racecourse Road, Flemington
03 8589 7631


  • NSK Lamb
  • NSK Chicken
  • Sambusa (Samosa)
  • Bur (Corn-Bread)

The Good

The Bur was simply delicious and was apparent it’s been freshly made to order. A perfect example of simple things done really well. This was a cross between a crepe, roti, and cornbread. It was thin like a crepe, crispy like a fresh roti, and full of corn flavours. This combination made for a cornbread that had flavours and textures to die for.

The samosas were equally fresh. The skin could’ve been more flakey, but the inner stuffings (whatever they were) was full of flavour and the spices that made for an aromatic and tasty combination.

The rice was the next best thing, which was a variant of basmati rice that was mixed with various herbs and spices as well as various shredded vegetables. This savoury rice was full of flavour and was surprisingly well executed, with flavours not being overly bold while still being inherently present.

The Mediocre

The meats were not that great. While well spiced and fresh like everything else served here, the chicken was overall dry and a tad stringy.

The Bad


The Verdict

The sides were remarkable and obviously the highlight of what we ordered. The mains, not so much.

I also have no idea how authentic this is but I would say in terms of flavours, that was spot on.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Maybe. I would not hesitate to go back for some cornbread and samosa for a snack though.

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