Burger Project

260 Collins Street, Melbourne Burger


  • American Cheese Burger

The Good

Service was prompt. Burger and ingredients were fresh. All off to a good start. But it all went downhill once the burger was unwrapped.

The Mediocre

The bun was nice and soft, slightly toasted. While appearing to be brioche, there wasn’t much buttery flavour and as a resulted tasted much similar to a traditional McDonald’s bun.

The cheese, while plentiful, left much to be desired in terms of flavours and aroma. It was, as it turns out, a rather cheap and tasteless cheese.

The Bad

The burger was put together horrendously. It appeared as if a teenager who worked at maccas threw everything together in a hurry. It was such a sloppy mess when unwrapped and took me a good few minutes just to reorganize the burger to showcase the ingredients within.

The quality of the beef was also rather poor. Overall chewy, tough, and overcooked while offering little flavour of beef. Technically it wasn’t dry, but the burger definitely wasn’t juicy.

The special sauce, as advertised, was a savoury mixture of some kind which was overpowering and terribly salty. There was definitely nothing special about this as it masked every other flavour of the burger. Any old plain mayo would’ve been a better fit.

The Verdict

A disappointing concoction given the famous chef behind this burger joint. The flavour balance was off and the ingredients were sub-par. Presentation also left much to be desired.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Not likely. There are much much better burgers out there without the unnecessary hype.

Sorry Neil, but you have to do much, much better than this to compete in the Melbourne burger scene.

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