Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (Elsternwick)

Shop 3, 1-3 Carre Street, Elsternwick
03 9077 8815
Fish and Chips


  • Chef'S Platter:
    • Garlic Prawns Skewer
    • Marinated Scallops Skewer
    • Fried Barramundi
    • Fish Tacos
    • Grilled Barramundi
    • Fresh Natural Oysters
    • King Prawns
    • Fried Calamari
  • Crumbed Fish Burger
  • Poke Bowl
  • Sweet Potato Chips

The Good

We were off to a fantastic start with the Crumbed Fish Burger. Sandwiched between the soft bun was a huge fillet. Fried to a golden brown, the batter was exceptionally crunchy without being overly heavy. With a good batter to protein ratio, the fish enclosed within was exceptionally soft and juicy. This fillet was well complemented by an abundance of fresh greens and Mayo, which made for an awesome fish burger.

The main act of course was the Chef's Platter, which consisted of a wide variety of seafood that was either raw, grilled, or fried. It really didn't matter how it was prepared though, as all proved to be rather delicious. The notable highlights though were the grilled scallops, fried barramundi, tacos and the calamari.

The skewer of scallops were rather sizeable. Biting into each one, you are rewarded with incredibly juicy, soft protein. Lightly seasoned and with a light charring on the outer, both the flavour and texture were flawless.

The Fried Barramundi was also very palatable. Enclosed within a strongly spiced outer that was exceedingly bold and crunchy, was some of the fattiest and most tender barramundi I've ever had. The softness of the fish was well contrasted with the crunchy outer. Absolutely delicious.

The Fish Tacos also deserve a special mention. Loaded with fresh flavourful salsa and topped with cheese, the hidden gem within was a tender yet crunchy piece of giant fish finger. All combined with the soft and still-warm tortilla, these slightly spicy tacos were refreshing and incredibly tasty.

Amongst all the grilled and fried foods, we also sampled the healthy Poke bowl, which is a Hawaiian inspired rice dish. Not dissimilar to a deconstructed sushi, the bowl was loaded with fresh salad, avocado, rice and most importantly deliciously soft salmon sashimi. Topped with a variety of sauces like sesame oil and sweet soy that provide an Asian twist to the dish, this Poke Bowl was scrumptious yet exceptionally healthy, and quickly became one of my favourite items of the evening.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Having stuffed myself full of their delicious seafood, I am pleased to say that Tommy Ruff brings to the table an exceptionally refreshing take on traditional Fish and Chips.

The wholesome, fresh and quality ingredients, combined with near-flawless execution made for an absolutely salivating meal. Coupled with friendly and attentive service, and deliciously exclusive beers and ciders, I'm sure to reminisce of this fantastic feast for a long time.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. I'd be back for more of their Fried Barramundi for sure, and those tacos too!

I would like to thank owner Helen for inviting us to Tommy Ruff, and of course for her kind hospitality and delicious food.

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