Bistro Morgan

190 High Street, Windsor
0434 111 246


  • White Chocolate And Raspberry Syringes Doughnut
  • Ferrero Roche Doughnut
  • Nom Nom Syringe Doughnut
  • Lemon Creme Brulee Doughnut
  • Snickers Syringe Doughnut
  • Mars Bar Syringe Doughnut
  • Peanut Butter Jelly And Popcorn Doughnut
  • Gaytime Shake
  • Nom Nom Shake
  • Snickers Shake

The Good

Opting for the Gaytime shake, my first slurp was hit with an unapologetically bold and sweet flavours. The shake itself was rich and thick. With a slightly nutty texture and a hint of gaytime flavour, this delicious drink was downed in no time.

The Mediocre

Despite looking absolutely spectacular, the taste of Morgan’s infamous doughnuts were undeniably mediocre. The dough itself was too airy, feeling more like a dense croissant. Consequently, with each chomp down, the glazing and toppings would peel away and separate from the dough. This was universal across the three donuts we sampled.

The sugar dusting on the outer was also a bit overdone, and coupled with the syringe of Raspberry sauce, it was entirely too sweet.

The Bad

Yes those syringes look mighty spectacular in photos. However did Morgan ever consider the environmental consequences and wastefulness of these one-use plastic tubes? Not only is it extremely wasteful, they also serve little purpose apart from being an eyecandy. I mean you could easily squirt out the exact same sauce from a big canister and reduce waste, albeit a lot less pretty.

At this day and age when all industries are pushing for environmental responsibility, I am dumbfounded by this blatant disregard for environmental preservation and the utter lack recycling procedures.

CORRECTION: As of 19th December 2016, Morgan has decided that they DO recycle their syringes, cups and boxes. This is directly in contrary to his comment on Instagram dated 30th September 2016 (screenshot here), and that all trash was indiscriminately thrown out, unsorted and uncategorised during the launch event.

The Verdict

While I always appreciate a good backstory, and founder of Bistro Morgan, Morgan Hipworth’s is nothing but short of spectacular, the ultimate question that I ask myself after every visit is “How was the food?”

I’d like to sum up in saying that the donuts were surprisingly unspectacular, especially given all the hype. A looker, yes, but the best tasting donuts? Not really.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Perhaps. Morgan’s donuts certainly have its appeal, especially with the syringes and all, making them exceptionally photogenic.

For the tastiest doughnut in Melbourne though, I’ve yet to find a competitor to Shortstop.

Penguineats attended the invitation of Bistro Morgan’s permanent store launch on behalf of @melbourne_explorer. The opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of @melbourne_explorer’s.

UPDATE: Due to the unprofessional manner in which Bistro Morgan has responded to our review, we can no longer recommend any readers visit this venue.

PS: Morgan, your rudeness, name-calling and threats to not invite us to future events have absolutely no impact on how your food tastes. Just sayin’.

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