African Taste Cafe

124 Victoria Street, Seddon African


  • Molokia (Traditional Sudanese) With Lamb
  • Traditional North African Seafood

The Good

The Traditional African Seafood was simply delightful. Akin to a Spanish paella, except made with a thin, non-sticky saffron rice, this dish was exceptionally aromatic and bursting with fresh seafood flavour. Topped with a generous amount of fresh seafood, this flavourful rice dish went down extremely well thanks to an abundance of herbs and mixed spices.

The Molokia was unsurprisingly glutinous, which provided an interesting sensation that coats your tongue with each mouthful. The lamb was tender, flavoursome and plentiful. Inheriting a load of flavour from the mixture of spices that provided an intricate balance of flavours. While I found the gelatinous sensations odd, the dish was othe

The Mediocre

While the flavours of the dishes were very enjoyable, we felt that they were not nearly as bold and forward as we'd like. Having spoken to the waitress, it was revealed that the flavours are toned down for a western palate.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall, it was a tasty and rather enjoyable meal. Serving up food from eight different countries within The African continent, you get to experience an authentic taste at a very reasonable price. With both dishes were fully loaded with a generous amount of protein, there's certainly no skimping of ingredients here and you get great value for money.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. Is definitely be back for some of their dips, and maybe some African pita bread too!

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