YOMG – Yo My Goodness (Mornington)

73 Main Street, Mornington, Mornington Peninsula
03 5977 2588
Burger, Frozen Yogurt


  • Mac And Cheese Bites
  • Satay Chicken Fries
  • The Kingsway
  • With Beef Patty Swapped For Pulled Pork
  • Vegapalooza
  • Nutella Cheesecake

The Good

The Mac and Cheese Bites were quite tasty. With a crispy crumbed outer, within were soft strands of macaroni that was exceptionally cheesy and rich. Already loaded with flavour, dipping each cube into the cheese sauce dip only added to the boldness and creaminess of the cheese.

The Kingsway itself would've been quite enjoyable overall, if I didn't opt to swap a patty out for Pulled Pork. The beef patty within was cooked to perfection and exceptionally flavourful. With a slight charred outer, the well seasoned beef was nicely complemented by the abundance of cheese, sauces and fresh greens. All within a lightly toasted brioche, this made for a pretty solid beef burger.

The Mediocre

The Satay Chicken Fries were underwhelming. The satay sauce was definitely lacking, both in quantity and flavour. While the chicken within was tough and dry, the main attraction of these loaded fries were pretty much just the cheese and potatoes. Granted, the fries themselves were done well in and of itself. But this hardly warrants the price tag, especially given the lack of satay sauce and poorly executed chicken.

The Nutella Cheesecake shake was interesting. With a nice Nutella flavour throughout, the shake was thick and creamy. The crumbs within, as well as topping the shake, provided a nice diversity in texture and a buttery flavour. Unfortunately, there was a weak but undeniably present, weird aftertaste to the shake. After each sip, the aftertaste completely threw off the pleasant flavour of the Nutella.

We also sampled the Vegapalooza, which is YOMG's take on a vegetarian burger. Despite looking quite spectacular, the onion fries within were overly salty and oily. The crunch was however well contrasted by the soft and slightly mushy vegetable fritter. The weakest link though, is undoubtedly the Beetroot Bun, which was rather chewy and a tad soggy.

The Bad

It was an absolutely terrible choice, opting to swap the beef patty for Pulled Pork. The pulled pork was overwhelmingly sweet, so much so that it was completely devoid of any other flavours. The pork itself lacked any pork aroma, and proved to be rather dry and chewy despite all the sauce. This was perhaps one of the worst pulled pork I've ever sampled, comparable to eating a chewy candy drenched in syrup. I very much regret making this swap.

The Verdict

Given that this is our second attempt at YOMG, it is apparent that they excel solely at dishing out beef burgers, and not much else.

Melbourne's best burgers? Far from it.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

I'd be back, but only for their beef burgers. All the other items are lacklustre at best and can honestly be had much better elsewhere.

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