Burgled (Clayton)

150 Rosebank Avenue, Clayton South, Clayton
03 8521 3816


  • The Samurai
  • The Italian Job

The Good

The Samurai looked absolutely stunning as it arrived at our table. Sandwiched between the thick buns was a beautifully crumbed and fried piece of chicken. Nice and golden brown, the chicken within was thick and juicy. This was coupled with an Asian slaw and, apparently some wasabi mayo. Despite exhibiting some Asian flavours and influence, I failed to taste any wasabi within and I feel this could've benefited from a stronger wasabi spice.

The Mediocre

The Italian Job felt far more mediocre in contrast. While the flavours were complementary and was overall pleasant, each individual component within the burger wasn't of the highest quality. The salami lacked a spicy kick, while the beef patty, fully cooked, was rather muted in flavour. The bocconcini definitely helped save the day though.

Both the buns were a tad too dense for my liking. They also could've benefited from a more buttery dough which would provide more depth in flavour.

The Bad


The Verdict

The burgers here we sampled today provided varying degrees of satisfaction. I'd have no qualms recommending The Samurai, as that fried chicken was pretty tasty. The Italian Job? I'm not so sure.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Maybe. Given the number of excellent burger places in Melbourne though, I have a feeling I won't be rushing back in a hurry.

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