287 Swanston Street, Melbourne Ice Cream


  • Caramel Pop
  • Milky Cube
  • Santorini

The Good

Aside from all the weird and wonderful flavours and toppings, the most appealing part of Milkcow for us must be the soft serve itself. Exceptionally rich and creamy, the ice cream in solitary was undoubtedly flavoursome and tasty just in and of itself. With a strong diary aroma permeated throughout that wasn't overly overpowering, it allows you to truly appreciate the beautiful Australian milk that the soft serve is made from.

Onto the toppings then, we found the Carmel Pop absolutely delectable and was definitely our favourite. The caramel coating each popcorn provided a beautiful sweetness to the dessert. Along with the crunch element provided by the airy and crispy popcorn, which perfect juxtaposed the soft and creamy soft serve, this combination was pretty much flawless!

We also enjoyed the Milky Cube, which, along with a generous drizzle of honey, is also topped with an actual honeycomb. The honeycomb itself provided a nice chewy texture, and lingers long in your mouth after the ice cream has melted. The light sweetness of honey went rather well with the soft serve, and is definitely most suited to those looking to more fully appreciate the soft serve itself whilst adding extra sweetness.

The Mediocre

While the Santorini looked tall a mighty, loaded with fairy floss, cookie crumbs and a blue syrup, we felt the toppings were predictably overdone. Don't let the swirl of blue syrup fool you though, as that is actually a mixture of mango and passionfruit juices, as opposed to the traditional bubblegum flavour associated with such a colour. Each and every component in solitary, and especially the Oreo crumbs hiding at the bottom of the cup, went rather well with the soft serve. However, when they were all combined, we felt that it was all 'too much' and the beautiful flavour of the dairy was lost amongst all the different flavours.

The Bad


The Verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed the Soft Serves here at Milkcow, which allows you to truly appreciate the beautifully aromatic and flavoursome Australian dairy that it is made from. With some light toppings, these were definitely some of the best soft serve we have sampled to date.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Having sampled Milkcow internationally, we definitely welcome the first permanent Milkcow store to open in Australia, as it has been a long time coming. There is no doubt that we will be back in a hurry!

Penguineats would like to thank Milkcow and Artmix for inviting us to the launch of the first permanent Milkcow in Australia.

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