Two Buns Burger Bar

350 Bridge Road, Richmond
(03) 9427 9456
Australian, Burgers


  • Shroom Burger With:
    • Beef Patty
    • Smoked Brisket
    • Pulled Pork
    • Bacon
    • Egg
    • Loaded Fries
    • Two Sweet Buns
    • Ice Cream Burger

The Good

Our modified Shroom Burger was a monster tower of a burger and it definitely tasted its part.

Starting off with the bun, it was a nice lightly toasted brioche. Soft and fluffy, it had a light buttery flavour but due to its softness, broke down rather quickly due to the sheer amount of ingredients sandwiched between.

The Mac N Cheese patty was absolutely remarkable. Fried to a nice crunchy outer, the Mac and cheese within was soft without being mush, and most importantly, exceptionally flavourful. The bold cheesy aroma was thoroughly enjoyable and was definitely one of the best Mac and cheese patties we've ever sampled.

We had no regrets adding both the Pulled Pork and the Beef Brisket into our burger. Exceedingly juicy, both meats were absolutely packed full of flavour. With great softness, the beautiful flavour of the pork and beef protein was well accompanied by the light smokiness and sweetness of the barbecue sauces. Sensational.

We also enjoyed the mushrooms, which were firm yet wholesome. With each whole mushroom coated in a generous amount of Swiss cheese, every chomp down was characterised by a burst of juicy goodness combined with stringy and stretchy cheese. This of couse, was rather well complemented by the truffle oil which provided an additional depth in flavour.

The Beef Patty didn't disappoint either, which was nicely charred while exhibiting a beautiful, slightly pink inner. Despite being cooked to a medium and had great beef flavour, we found the protein a tad tougher than expected.

Bacon is always a must in my burgers, and they were done exceptionally well here. Exceedingly tender, the fatty bits were well layered with soft and flavoursome bacon protein. The slight crunch of the charred outer was well complemented by the sweet and jelly-like bacon jam.

We also enjoyed the Loaded Fries. Topped with a generous amount of stretchy cheese and smokey, barbecue ground beef, these fries were exceptionally flavour. The additional sour cream and guacamole provided a twist of freshness to the fries, and providing a unique yet welcome change to the common loaded fries.

Dessert burgers are apparently a thing here, so we of course had to give them a go. The Two Sweet Buns held true to its name. Sandwiched between two sweetened, cake-like buns, was a chocolate coated ice cream. With an incredible crunch, the thick dark chocolate outer gave way to a creamy and milky vanilla ice cream inner. While the bun was too sweet for my palate, this was definitely a lot more well-balanced when eaten with the dark chocolate.

The Ice Cream Burger was a real winner. Simple yet exceedingly functional, between the lightly toasted brioche buns was a generous scoop of ice cream. The smooth creamy texture of the chocolate ice cream was beautifully juxtaposed by light crisp of the soft buttery brioche. A very simple yet very delicious dessert in my books.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed the burgers dished out at Two Buns. The ingredients used were of high quality and generously applied, and that Mac and Cheese patty was undoubtedly one of the best I've ever had.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. There's no doubt Two Buns ranks amongst one of the best burgers I've sampled in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, and I'd go back for more any day of the week.

Penguineats would like to thank @real_forking_diet and Two Buns Burger Bar for inviting us.

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