Machi Restaurant and Bar

14 Inkerman Street, St Kilda
03 9534 5000
Japanese, Seafood, Tapas


  • Edamame
  • Vege Chips
  • Wagyu Salad
  • Chilli King Fish
  • Eggplant Chips
  • Pork Gyoza
  • Vegetable Gyoza
  • Machi Tacos
  • Slow Cooked Lamb SSAM
  • Pork Bun
  • Ramen Flat Bread
  • Dessert Platter

The Good

We started off with the Vege Chips. With a diverse mixture of finely sliced and freshly fried sweet potato, lotus and taro, the chips were exceptionally crispy and well seasoned. With a good crunch with every bite and the savoury seasoning of the nori, this was an very appetising treat to start.

We then proceeded to sample the Wagyu Salad. Grilled to a rare inner, the beef flavour was forward and bold. While not particularly tender, this was well complemented by the onion salad dressing, which provided a refreshing tang to the dish. The Chilli Kingfish Sashimi was also accompanied by a similar dressing, and didn’t disappoint either. Exceedingly fresh, the protein was very tender and simply melted in your mouth.

The Machi Tacos were definitely a sight to behold and the wow-factor was strong with this one. With seven tacos lined up and each spotting a unique flavour and filling, our group got to sample one flavour each. Our Tempura Prawn Taco was simply delicious. The crunchy outer shell was perfectly juxtaposed by the warm bed of fluffy and fragrant jasmine rice. Topped with a light mayo and of course, a large, crispy and perfectly fried king prawn, we just couldn’t get enough of it!

The Pork Gyoza was another highlight of the evening. With an exceptionally crispy outer, the gyoza skin was made with such delicate thinness. Wrapped within were some of the juiciest and flavoursome minced pork I’ve ever sampled. Already well seasoned, dipping each dumpling into the slightly sour soy vinegar sauce made for an exceptionally appetising treat, and definitely ranks amongst the best dumplings outside of Japan.

The Slow Cooked Lamb SSAM was absolute delectable. With the shoulder slowly roasted to perfection, the meat quite literally feel right off the bone. Well marinated, the lamb was bursting with flavour, both from the sauces and from the protein itself. The soft juiciness of the meat was perfectly contrasted by the light crunch of the lettuce. Simply divine.

We also enjoyed the Ramen Flat Bread. With the dough made out of crushed ramen, the flat bread itself was savoury and crusty. The Bolognese on top was rich with tomato and full of beef flavour, no surprise as its been carefully stewed for 14 hours. Topped with a generous amount of fluffy and light ricotta, it was a match made in heaven.

The Mediocre

On this occasion, our Pork Buns weren’t up to the standard of the other items we sampled. While the char grilled pork belly was flavoursome, the pork itself was chewier and tougher than expected. The buns themselves were unfortunately also rather dense and chewy.

The Bad


The Verdict

Despite being off the main thoroughfare of St Kilda, Machi provides a quality feed with a modern Japanese twist. With highly experienced, international chefs dishing up a fusion of flavours that originate from their background, namely Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese, needless to say it was an extremely exciting sensory experience, both in taste and in sight.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Absolutely. With such innovative and tasty dishes, coupled with the use of the freshest of ingredients, this has surely become one of my favourite Modern Japanese Fusion restaurants in Melbourne.
Penguineats would like to thank owner Michael for inviting us to visit Machi.

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