Gypsy & Pig

Shop 3, 391 Little Lonsdale Street
03 9640 0731


  • Gyoza Stuffed Chicken Wings
  • Curry Katsu
  • Katsu Don
  • Scotch Egg

The Good

We started off with the Gyoza Stuffed Chicken Wings. Fried to a beautiful golden brown, the outer was crispy and provided a slight crunch. Chomping down on the wing reveals exceptionally tender and juicy chicken protein, which gave way to a flavourful chunk of Gyoza filling, made of juicy pork minced with chives. These are definitely some of the best Asian fried chicken wings I’ve had and I was definitely craving for more.

We proceeded to the mains, and being famous for their pork, their range of Katsu was a must try.

The Curry Katsu was served on a huge plate, with the pork cutlet appearing relatively small in comparison. The crumbling of the cutlet was crispy and flakey, providing just the right crunch sensation with each bite. At just the right thickness, enclosed within was exceptionally flavoursome and aromatic ‘black’ pork protein. Being extremely lean, the pork was tougher than we’d hoped and was definitely chewier than its cheaper and more accessible cousins we sampled in Japan. Still tasty though, just not quite Japan standard.

We also enjoyed the Katsu Don, which essentially takes the fried pork cutlet and mixes it with seasoned and scrambled eggs. The egg provided the perfect contrast in texture, juxtaposing the crunch of the crumbing with the silky smoothness of the eggs. Adding a hint of sweetness and saltiness to the dish, the sweet soy sauce provided much flavour and was a welcome addition to the dish.

The Mediocre

Being one of the few places that offers Scotch Egg, it was naturally a must try. Unfortunately, it wasn’t overly impressive on this occasion. While the egg itself was cooked to perfection, we felt that flavour was undeniably lacking. The outer shell consisting of mince, as well as the golden brown batter were very mildly seasoned, though this was helped by a generous drizzle of mayo and pool of soy sauce hidden underneath.

The Bad


The Verdict

It was most definitely a tasty and authentic Japanese meal, and their signature dish, fried pork cutlets, definitely didn’t disappoint. While it wasn’t quite the Japanese standard we were hoping for, it was delicious nonetheless and ranks amongst some of the best Katsu one can find in Melbourne.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Definitely. I’d be back for more of their value lunch sets for sure.

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