Spring and Summer Restaurant

192 Barkly Street, St Kilda
03 9044 2684
Asian, Fusion


  • Wok Tossed Edmame
  • King Fish Sashimi
  • Chicken Wing with Bull Killer Mayo
  • BBQ Corn with Gochujang, Ashgrove Smoked Cheddar Cheese
  • Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Coconut Curry Sauce
  • Baby Pork Ribs with Hot Sauce
  • King Prawn Pad Thai
  • Spicy Japanese Potato Salad
  • Thai-Inspired Mango Ice Cream

The Good

We started off with the King Fish Sashimi and were simply amazed by the quality of the fish. Exceedingly fresh, the protein was so delicate and tender and simply melted away in your mouth. With a refreshing green namjim sauce that provided the slightest of spice, this was well balanced by the cute drops of coconut cream mixed in within. A light and very tasty beginning to our meal.

The Fried Chicken Wings were also rather delectable. Exceptionally crunchy, the thin layer of outer batter was well seasoned and crispy, providing a satisfying crunch with each bite. Within, we found some of the most tender and flavoursome chicken protein that was so juicy and cooked to perfection. Dipping each wing into the Bull Killer Mayo, which is the restaurant’s own version of a spicy sriracha mayo, added an even more sensational kick in flavour.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Coconut Curry Sauce. Beautifully presented, the soft shell crab was fried to a just the right crispy airiness. The crunchy coarseness of the batter was well juxtaposed by the generous amount of soft juicy protein within. Hidden underneath though, we found some of the most delectable curry we’ve ever sampled. Exceptionally bold in flavour, this mild coconut curry was rich and complex. With great thickness, the curry sauce was well complemented by a bed of fresh spring onions and various greens.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the King Prawn Pad Thai as well as the Baby Pork Ribs. The Pad Thai was full of flavour and ‘wok hei’, or the ‘breath of the wok without being oily. The soft noodles were perfectly complemented by two giant king prawns, both of which were exceptionally fresh and provided an incredible crunch.
The Baby Pork Ribs on the other hand, was delicious though incredibly spicy. While you are initially rewarded with a beautiful pork aroma coupled with a slight sweetness from the marinade that permeates throughout the soft juicy protein, the spice undeniably kicks in and oh does it pack a punch. Water is definitely recommended when consuming these!

We finished off the evening with a Thai-Inspired Mango Ice Cream. This was Spring and Summer’s take on the traditional and popular Thai dessert, mango sticky rice and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The gelatinous and stick rice was perfectly complemented by the, smooth, creamy and flavoursome mango ice cream. With an abundance of fresh crunchy fruits that juxtaposed the sweetness with a slight tartness. While well balanced in flavours, we would’ve preferred a slightly more glutinous black rice to go along with that ice cream.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately we found the Seafood Pancake rather unspectacular in comparison. Despite providing a nice crispy crunch, the outer batter was a tad too starchy and definitely needed a more egg in the mixture to provide better flavour. However, the fresh seafood within were plentiful and tasty, as were the variety of herbs that were assembled within.

The Bad


The Verdict

As a newly opened eatery that specialises in Asian fusion cuisine, Spring and Supper delicately combines and balances flavours and components from Thailand, Japan and Korea to create such innovative, unique and enticing dishes, along with delicious cocktails to pair.
With a menu specially designed to reflect their aptly named restaurant Spring and Summer, co-owners and chef Jessica and Golf provide Saint Kilda with a choice of distinctly different cuisine that is perfectly combines incredibly fresh, daily sourced local produce with near-flawless execution.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. That Coconut Curry with the Soft Shell Crab was absolutely to die for, and with affordable specials running all throughout the week like Ramen Night and Bao Night, I’d definitely be back for more.
Penguineats would like to thank Jessica for inviting us to Spring and Summer Restaurant.

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