Son in Law

56-58 Johnston Street, Collingwood
03 9410 0399


  • Son in Law Eggs
  • Deep Fried Chicken Ribs
  • Lamb Massaman Curry
  • Pad Thai
  • Crispy Barramundi Fillets
  • Thai Milk Tea Sizzling Roti
  • Thai Ice Matcha Milk Tea
  • Thai Ice Pink Milk

The Good

Starting off with the signature dish of the venue, the Son in Law Eggs. Beautifully laid out, the boiled eggs were coated with a light batter and deep fried to perfection. The slight crisp of the outer was perfectly complemented by a generous amount of sweet and slightly spicy tamarind sauce and accompanied by slices of chilli and crispy fried shallots.

Coming highly recommended were the Deep Fried Chicken Ribs and we weren’t disappointed. The crunchy outer skin was well seasoned and with slight spice, it gave way to a very tender inner. While not as juicy as we’d hoped, this was remedied by the side of nam jim dipping sauce that provided moisture and an interesting sweet and tangy sensation.

The highlight of the evening must be the Lamb Massaman Curry. Beautifully presented, precariously teetering on top of the huge lamb shank was a whole stick of cinnamon and staranaise. Easily falling off the bone, the tender protein of the lamb shank was perfectly complemented by the rich and bold flavours of the Massaman curry. With a perfect mix of spices and creamy coconut, the slight sweetness of the curry

Pad Thai is of course a traditional Thai staple, and it certainly didn’t disappoint on this occasion. Served with a generous side of fresh crispy bean sprouts, we found three giant king prawns beautifully topping the mountain of pad Thai. The noodles were cooked well, at just the right softness and chewiness without being damp. With the perfect blend of sweet and savoury and just a hint of sourness from the tamarind, it was the perfect tasting Pad Thai.

We also enjoyed the Thai Ice Matcha Milk Tea. With a good sweetness, the matcha flavour and was well complemented by the signature flavour of Thai milk tea. While not overly bold, the matcha was most definitely present and enjoyable, yet provided no hint of bitterness whatsoever.

The Mediocre

We found the Crispy Barramundi Fillets rather unspectacular in comparison. While the chunks of fish were heavily battered, it failed to provide a good crunch. We would’ve also preferred bigger cuts of fish, as indicated by the name fillets, which would provide a better ratios in texture, where the softness of the fish protein would be juxtaposed by the crispness of the batter. The sauce though, was absolutely sensational and provided an incredible tangy and spicy sensation that packed a punch in heat.

Despite looking absolutely spectacular and provided much theatrical factor, the Thai Milk Tea Sizzling Roti was an interesting concept that failed to deliver. Served on a piping hot plate, the roti was predictably and unfortunately burnt by the time the Milk Tea was poured on. The roti itself was also chewier than expected, though the flavour was well combined with the sweetness of the milk tea itself. Perhaps a little butter or milk tea lining the bottom of the plate would’ve prevented from the excessive charring.

The Bad


The Verdict

It was overall an enjoyable and modern take on traditional Thai food. While the execution wasn’t quite perfect, the foundation on which these dishes were built on were solid, and just needed a little fine-tuning and finesse to elevate it to the next level.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

I’m always down for more affordable and tasty Thai, and I’d happily be back for more.
Penguineats would like to thank Son in Law for inviting us.

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