Loaded Gourmet Hotdogs

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  • Hickory Hog
  • Demon Dawg
  • Get Mexi Loaded Fries

The Good

With ingredients literally piled on and filled to the brim of these perfectly soft and fluffy hot dog buns, there was no doubt these hot dogs held true to their ‘loaded’ name.
We started off with the Hickory Hog and were immediately impressed. Chomping through the incredibly fresh and soft bun, we arrived at the star of the show, which of course was that sausage within. With a unique blend of pork and beef, the meat was coarsely grounded and well seasoned. Each bite was incredibly flavoursome, and the meat was deliciously juicy. This was all complemented by a deliciously fresh and juicy tomato chutney, with wholesome bits of tomato providing a sudden bursts of juiciness. Sitting above were an abundance of crispy fried bacon bits, with a slight charred outer providing a good crunch throughout. This was all topped with a lightly smoked BBQ Sauce that was neither too sweet nor overpowering, which perfectly held together all the ingredients within.
The Demon Dawg didn’t disappoint either. With an equally delectable sausage, the hot chilli sauce had drizzled over provided a good kick in terms of spice while still maintaining a good depth in flavour. The tomato cubes provided some relief from the heat, while the crunch of the crispy dried shallots created an interesting and diverse texture profile, perfectly contrasting the softness of the bun.
We also enjoyed the Get Mexi Loaded Fries. Fried to an amazing crisp, the fries were crunchy on the outer and incredibly airy within. Topped with exceptionally sweet corn, spicy chilli sauce and a creamy mayo, the occasional sourness of pickle slices created the perfect balance, cutting right through the heavier and more oily components of the fries. Our only gripe would be the cheese, which could’ve been applied more liberally and melted further to create a richer and creamier sensation.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

While hot dogs are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne, so far, no one even comes close to the quality and taste of Loaded Gourmet Hotdogs. Despite being ‘loaded’ in every sense, the quality ingredients used within perfectly complemented each other and provided just the right balance, both in flavours and textures. Yes, these are loaded, but no you won’t feel overwhelmed nor guilty finishing a whole one by yourself.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. I certainly know where to go next time I’m down for a hot dog!
Penguineats would like to thank owner Simon for inviting us to sample his Loaded Gourmet Hotdogs.

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