Burn City Pop-Up (Grand Hyatt Melbourne)

Collins Kitchen Level 2 of Grand Hyatt Melbourne 123 Collins Street
03 9653 4831
American, Burger, Burgers, Steak


  • Starters
    • Curried Egg with Crispy Chicken Skin
    • Pickled Mackerel on Rye
    • Sweet Potato Crisps with French Onion Dip
    • Pine-Needle Smoked Portobello
    • Beef Tartare bathed in Brisket Drippings
    • Cursed Salmon with Smoked Salmon Roe & Cottage Cheese
  • Mains
    • 8 HR Smoked Short Rib with Chimmichurri
    • Milawa Smoked Chicken with Mustard Sauce
    • Smoked Brisket Burger
  • Sides
    • Stuffed Onion on Charred Beet Puree
    • Baked Beans
    • Creamed Corn
    • Baby Cos Salad
  • Desserts
    • Waffle with Crispy Pancetta
    • Smoked Whole Apple with Walnut and Cornflake Crumble

The Good

It was off to an impressive start with the entrees. All stunningly presented, we sampled a variety of internationally inspired small dishes.
The Curried Eggs was Burn City’s unique take on Deviled Eggs. Loaded with a creamy mayo and mustard mixture that provided a hint of curry undertone, these eggs were made even more palatable by the chicken skin that was fried to the perfect crisp, providing an intriguing coarse texture and a satisfying crunch.
Sweet Potato Crisps also deserve a special mention. Incredibly thin and delicate, these chips were fried to the perfect golden brown and served with a rich and full-bodied French Onion dip. With the crunch of the crisps juxtaposing the creamy texture of the dip, this was one entree that was hard to resist going back for more!
The Pine-Needle Smoked Portobello was another excellent starter. The generously sized mushroom was smothered in an aromatic and fragrant mushroom sauce. The mushroom’s juiciness was not lost within the creamy mushroom, while the green peppercorn provided a slight kick in spice.
The star of the show was undeniably the 8 HR Smoked Short Rib. The enormous rib was cooked to absolute perfection, and simply fell apart with the push of a fork. Ripping open the charred outer reveals some of the juiciest and most tender protein we’ve ever sampled. Well-spiced and with a pleasant though not overpowering smokey aroma, this heavenly protein simply melted away in your mouth. While most smoked meats are sinfully salty and fatty, this was certainly not the case here, with Burn City providing just the right balance of lean protein, fatty bits and an appropriate amount of savoury.
The Milawa Smoked Chicken was no less spectacular. The lightly charred outer chicken skin provided a slight crispness. Underneath, the chicken was once again smoked to perfection, with exceedingly juicy and tender protein that carried a good chicken flavour and smokey aroma.
We also thoroughly enjoyed the Smoked Brisket Burger. Sandwiched between the fluffy and lightly toasted bun was a chunky slice of brisket. Exceedingly tender, the well-spiced protein easily fell apart with each bite. This was accompanied by a drizzle of mustard and barbeque sauce, providing a welcoming sweet sensation as well as a hint of tangy spice. Juxtaposing the richness of the brisket and its juices were the pickles, cutting right through the grease and providing a refreshing twist. An absolutely delicious burger, though the brisket would’ve been equally enjoyable in solitary.
The sides were served in a truly American fashion. The Creamed Corn was rich and flavoursome, with crunchy corn delivering surprising bursts of sweetness. While the Baked Beans were soft and boldly flavoured, all without being overly mushy. We were also pleasantly surprised by the Stuffed Onion, which, while served whole, was delicately stuffed with a variety of nuts and grains. Along with the charred beetroot puree, this dish provided a bold, earthy flavour throughout.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

There’s no doubt Burn City has their smoking skills down pat, as they undoubtedly dished out some of the best smoked meats we have ever sampled, Melbourne or internationally. The flawless execution, the impeccable service, the quality produce, all made for a simply unbeatable experience.
I’m gonna have to call it, this was THE best Beef Short Rib we’ve ever had, to date. There is no doubt that Burn City delivers traditional Southern American BBQ at its finest

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Oh my gosh YES! We will have to be back in a hurry though because Burn City is only smoking at the Grand Hyatt until 31st August 2017!
Penguineats would like to thank Grand Hyatt Melbourne and Burn City Popup for inviting us.

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