Rubicon Bar Restaurant

861 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon
03 9375 7333
Contemporary, Italian


  • Antipasto platter for 2
  • Tasting platter for 2
  • Chicken Parmigiana Mexicana
  • Marinara Pizza
  • Pulled Beef Pizza
  • Herb Crusted Barramundi
  • 14-Hour Slow Cooked Baby Goat
  • Dessert Platter:
    • Sticky Date Pudding
    • Death by Chocolate
    • Nonna’s Tiramisu
    • Dutch Chocolate Mouse

The Good

The highlight of our meal was undoubtedly the Slow Cooked Baby Goat. Stewed for 14 whole hours in a rich Napoli sauce, the goat was exceedingly tender and flavoursome, simply falling apart with the push of a fork. The protein was well-seasoned and borrowed much flavours from the richness of the Napoli, all the while without masking the beautiful goat aroma. With each bite, you were rewarded with a heavenly flow of juices, which was well complemented by the creamy mash potato that was served alongside.
The elaborately presented Herb Crusted Barramundi didn’t disappoint either. The crispness of the herb crust provided a satisfying crunch with each bite, which was juxtaposed by the tenderness of the barramundi itself, which on this occasion was cooked to perfection. Supporting the fish was the potato puree that was drenched in a chilli, lemon and Napoli salsa that provided a rich tomato flavour with an appetising and rather spicy kick.
Novelty parmas are ever increasing in popularity, though the execution doesn’t always work. Fortunately, Rubicon’s Chicken Parmigiana Mexicana was absolutely delectable. Loaded with an abundance of sour cream and guacamole, we found a heap of crispy corn chips providing a satisfying crunch to the parma. The jalapenos as well as sour cream offered up an appetising twist to the flavoursome schnitzel. Cutting into the bird reaveled some quality, unprocessed protein that was perfectly cooked, plump and juicy without so much of a hint of dryness. With a
We concluded the evening with the Dessert Platter which offered up a range of sweets, with our absolute favourite being the Death by Chocolate. Layered between each tier of soft,spongey chocolate cake was an exceedingly rich and silky smooth Dutch chocolate mousse. This was further topped with a thick and rather creamy chocolate ganache that was mixed with chantilly cream, providing just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess. The Sticky Date Pudding and Tiramisu were also enjoyable, each exceptionally fresh and well balanced in flavour.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately, the pizzas on this occasion failed to excite the tastebuds. Despite being baked in a wood-fire oven, it felt as if the base and crust needed more crunch, and the dough itself wasn’t particularly fragrant. The Pulled Beef was tender, though needed more punch in terms of flavour. However, the seafood from the Marinara were generally fresh and of high quality, though the tomato and mozzarella base felt muted in comparison. All in all solid, though not excitable pizzas.

The Bad


The Verdict

While the food at Rubicon isn’t strictly authentic Italian, nor do they pretend to be, we undoubtedly had an enjoyable experience. The portion sizes were more than generous and the Italian-inspired mains and desserts were definitely delicious and satisfying.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure! Count me in for more Baby Goat and Mexican Parma please!
Penguineats would like to thank YourSocialChef for inviting us and owner Teddy from Rubico for his generous hospitality.

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