Rockpool Bar and Grill

Crown Casino, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
03 8648 1900
Australian, Modern Australian


  • Wood Fire Grilled Wagyu Sausage with Caramelised Onions
  • Wagyu Chuck Braised in Red Wine with Gremolata and Potato Puree
  • Cape Grim Dry Aged 36 Month Old Rib Eye on the Bone 350g 50 days
  • Dutch Cream Potatoes Sauteed with Wagyu Fat, Garlic and Rosemary

The Good

It was a pleasant start to our meal with the Grilled Wagyu Sausages. Curled up on the plate, two long sausages were grilled to perfection. With a slight crunch, the outer skin gave way to a juicy and flavoursome inner. The wagyu was tender and well-cooked, with loads of juices and a coarse grind which made for greater texture. Our only gripe would be that the sausages were a tad too peppery, which distracted away from the beautiful meaty flavour. Sitting centrally on the dish was a heap of heavenly sweet caramelised onions, the undisputed and perfect companion to sausages.

The headline act of visiting Rockpool should, and always remain to be, their steaks. We opted for the 36-month old Rib Eye, dry aged for 50┬ádays cooked to a medium rare, and definitely weren’t disappointed. With a nicely charred outer, the sizeable steak was presented in solitary on a huge white plate. Perfectly cooked to the medium rare as requested, the still-red inner was well-seasoned and incredibly tender. With an almost melt-in-your-mouth sensation, the marbling ensured that the beef aroma was forward and bold, without any coarseness throughout. The bernaise sauce was a tasty, though honestly unnecessary addition, as it distracts away from the beautiful flavours of the meat itself. However, it should be said that the steak wasn’t of the highest quality, as it was not devoid of the occasional gristle and tendons throughout.

We also enjoyed the Wagyu Chuck Braised in Red Wine. While the first specimen that we sampled didn’t quite hit the spot, with the protein unexpectedly dry and tough, the manager on duty insisted that we get a new one and the result was worlds apart. Our replacement Wagyu Chuck was thick and meaty, braised to great tenderness that caused the protein to fall apart with just the push of a fork. The protein was deliciously juicy and flavourful, with a slight red wine flavour permeating throughout. All served on a rich, creamy mash and a zesty gremolata,

Our side of Dutch Cream Potatoes fried in wagyu fat was predictably tasty and enjoyable. The wagyu fat allowed the potatoes to be fried at a much higher temperature, hence creating a crisper outer skin. With plenty of flavour, the chunks of potatoes were well-seasoned, though we definitely could’ve done with greater fluffiness within. The garlic and rosemary were fragrant, well complemented by the beefy sensation from the wagyu fat coating each potato.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Our dinner at Rockpool can best be described as pleasant, though not groundbreaking and definitely lacking in wow-factor.

The premium prices does buy you quality ingredients that are generally well-executed, but the service was definitely one step above.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. I’d happily be back for a steak, though not in a huge hurry to return as you can get pretty similar quality of food at a much more agreeable price at many, many venues these days.

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