561-565 Plenty Road, Preston
03 9470 2002


  • Salsiccia e Cipolla
  • Prosciutto Cotto e Fungi

The Good


The Mediocre


The Bad

After more than half an hour’s wait, the pizzas finally arrived, much to our disappointment. On both pizzas, the exceedingly thin crust and base were soggy in the middle and tragically brittle on the outer edges. The result was predictable, as the outer rim simply crumbled and shattered as we picked up each slice, while the toppings naturally slipped off the soggy base that lacked any structural integrity. All this could be forgiven if the dough itself was of high quality, which this was not. The dough itself was undeniably bland, lacking in both flavour and fragrance of a good flour.

The prosciutto on the Prosciutto Cotto e Fungi were merely slices of cheap, thin supermarket ham, and the mushrooms weren’t particular flavourful nor fresh. The only saviour was the tomato base, which was pleasant in comparison to all else, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The Salsiccia e Cipolla was one of the worse pizzas we have come across. Never have we ever seen a sausage pizza so sparsely topped, with fewer bits of sausage visible than you can count on one hand. The only other toppings comprised of cheese, which was cheap and lacked flavour, and the occasional slice of onion that provided a sweet relief to the blandness.

The Verdict

Pizzaly needs to get with the times. This is no longer the 90s where you can pass off as the only ‘authentic Italian’ in town. Today, the masses have travelled to Europe and gotten a real taste of Italy, and with Italian cuisine making a huge comeback in Melbourne, the food here simply does not even compare.

Calling yourself ‘authentic’ Italian is nothing but a lie, and you know the old man making the pizzas doesn’t give a damn anymore when he can’t even be bothered rolling the dough by hand…

Would Penguin Eat Again?

With or without a brand new fit-out, the terrible, unauthentic pizzas at Pizzaly simply didn’t cut it. Coupled with the apathetic attitude of the staff, there simply exists no reason for a revisit.

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