Horn Please

167 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North
03 9497 8101


  • Papadam with the works
  • Crab Tikki
  • Goat Bhuna Masala
  • Coconut Fish Curry
  • Aloo Baingan
  • Premium Aged Basmati Sella Rice

The Good

It was an impressive start with the Crab Tikki. Fried to a perfect golden brown, the crispy outer enclosed a soft inner generously filled with a mixture of pulled crab meat and soft mashed potatoes. The crusty outer perfectly contrasted the soft and flavourful inner mixture, while the brightly pink pool surrounding the croquettes was creamy though not particularly flavourful, offered up a hint of beetroot sensation throughout.

The Coconut Fish Curry was rather delicious. Bright yellow in colour, the curry was thick and exceptionally creamy. A strong coconut flavour permeated throughout, which offered up a fragrant experience that was well complemented by mild spices. Within, the chunks Blue Grenadier filletss were fresh and plentiful, inhibiting much flavours from the sauce itself and remaining incredibly tender. This was best served with the warm, fluffy naan which soaked up all the delicious, fragrant sauce.

Our favourite dish of the evening was perhaps the Aloo Baingan. Loaded with an abundance of herbs and spices, the eggplant within was cooked to a great tenderness and quite simply melted away in your mouth. This was well complemented by generous cubes of equally soft, mushy potatoes that provided an earthy sensation throughout. Well complemented by a generous helping of aged basmati rice, offering a welcome relief from the spice and providing variation in texture throughout.

The Mediocre

The Goat Bhuna Masala was overall enjoyable though definitely less spectacular. The rich tomato base offered up plenty of flavour and fragrance, while the onions within provided a hint of sweetness. Wholesome bits of spices scattered throughout ensured a full-on sensory experience, bursting with flavours in each mouthful of sauce. However, we found the sauce a tad on the saltier side. The goat itself was pleasant, though we felt that they could’ve been braised longer to greater tenderness.

The Bad


The Verdict

Located in the very trendy suburb of North Fitzroy, Horn Please offers locals a taste of authentic Indian with a decidedly modern twist.

Despite being on the pricier side of traditional Indian cuisine, what you do pay for are flavours specifically tailored towards a western palate, as well as the utilisation of quality ingredients throughout every dish, the results of which are evident in every bite.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. Apparently the butter chicken here is a must-try, so we will give that a go on our next visit!

Penguineats would like to thank Horn Please for inviting us.

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