Shou Sumiyaki

160 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
03 9654 3933
BBQ, Japanese


  • Salmon Tataki
  • Scallop Sashimi
  • Toro Sashimi
  • Premium Kobe Wagyu Beef M10 Scotch
  • Premium Kobe Wagyu Beef M10 Oyster Blade
  • Premium Kobe Wagyu Beef Harami (marinated)
  • Kurobata Pork Belly
  • Eggplant with Miso
  • Punpkin Slices
  • Hokkaido Soft Serve
  • Ice Coffee with Matcha Soft Serve

The Good

It was off to a brilliant start with an assort of sashimi. The delicious yet rather uncommon (at least in Melbourne) cut of Toro – tuna belly, was on offer and we of course had to give it a try. The incredible intertwining of creamy, fattier bits and soft, tender protein ensured a melt in your mouth experience that was silky smooth and full of flavour.

Another favourite of ours was the Salmon Tataki. The lightly charred outer enclosed a rare and tender inner. The fish itself was exceedingly fresh and tender, and was well accompanied by a light yet savoury yuzu miso sauce as well as a refreshing papaya salad.

The highlight of our Japanese Barbeque was of course the amazing cuts of Japanese Wagyu. We definitely had a difficult time picking our favourite cut, though the Oyster Blade undoubtedly won our hearts in the end. The bold flavour of the beef was forward and pleasant, which was accompanied by plenty of juicy goodness thanks to the M10 grade marbling. The intricate web of protein and fat, ensured a succulent experience that was accompanied by a beautiful variation in texture throughout without being overly rich.

The Kobe Scotch Fillet was very much akin to the Oyster Blade, though our cut on this occasion was even fattier. This in turn provided an almost creamy and exceptionally juicy experience, though this moreish sensation gradually subsided as our meal progressed due to its sheer richness with each bite.

Our Harami, otherwise more commonly known as skirt, was marinated in a house-made sauce overnight. This ensured a full-bodied and bold beef flavour that was accompanied by a slight savoury sensation throughout. As recommended by our server to be grilled for slightly longer than the other cuts, the charred outer of the harami enclosed a tender and still incredibly juicy inner, while a hint of soy permeated throughout and perfectly complemented the intense flavour of the beef itself.

Another item that we enjoyed was the Pork Belly. This renowned breed of Berkshire Kurobata Pork is the byword for quality pork, and it’s no surprise that our aptly fatty cuts of pork belly offered up an incredibly juicy and almost bouncy feedback with each chomp down. The even layers of fat and protein made for an almost-crunchy, and incredibly juicy experience, offering up plenty of delicious porky flavour.

We concluded our meal in a true Japanese fashion, with a Hokkaido Soft Serve and an Ice Coffee topped with a Matcha Soft Serve. The Soft Serve contained a beautiful milky flavour, clearly made of quality milk from Hokkaido. Though the texture was a tad icier than expected. The Matcha Soft Serve though certainly didni’t disappoint. The forward matcha flavour was perfectly accompanied by the milky goodness, which slowly melted into a glass of aromatic and intensely flavoured coffee.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

It’s a big call, but this was undoubtedly one of the best Japanese Barbecue experiences we have come across, Melbourne or Japan.

The cuts of meat flown in form all around the world were universally of exceptionally high quality, and thanks to the simple yet effective charcoal grill, you are able to truly appreciate the untainted, fresh and premium produce that’s on offer. In our minds, there simply exists no better way to enjoy the simple pleasures of devouring cuts of wagyu.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

A exceptional and well-rounded Japanese Barbecue experience with international cuts of premium quality meat that’s to die for, we will definitely be back!

Penguineats would like to thank Shou Sumiyaki for their generous hospitality and for inviting us.

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