Gyoza Gyoza (Emporium)

Emporium Melbourne, Level 1, 287, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
03 9639 8888
Dumplings, Japanese


  • Kinoko-an Agedashi Tofu
  • Nasu Miso
  • Tori No Karaage
  • Yaki Hotate
  • Yukka
  • Lamb Ribs
  • Black Truffle Oil Tamago Yaki
  • Pan-Fried Gyoza
    • Miso Eggplant and Duck
    • Pork and Garlic

The Good

The Kinoko-an Agedashi Tofu certainly didn’t disappoint. Fried to a nice crisp, the tofu itself exhibited a slight crunch, giving way to a pillowy soft and sponge-like inner with a beautiful soy aroma. This was well accompanied by a thick mushroom sauce that was rich and savoury, with just a hint of sweetness throughout.

Another favourite of ours was the simple yet tasty Nasu Miso. Coated in a thick layer of flavoursome yet not overpowering miso sauce, the soft and gooey eggplant was grilled to perfection and was exceptionally fragrant. With its skin offering a slight crispness, this perfectly contrasted the mushy textures of the eggplant meat itself.

We also enjoyed the Tori No Karaage. Generously loaded on the dish, the sizeable chunks of chicken were fried to a golden brown. With the batter offering a satisfying crunch, the protein within was nicely seasoned and offered up plenty of flavour, albeit a tad drier than expected. The mayo served alongside certainly did help, and made this dish rather enjoyable nonetheless.

Of course, no visit to Gyoza Gyoza can be complete without trying their signature dumplings. The Traditional Pan Fried Gyoza was simply delicious. The crisp, delicate skin was pan-fried to a nice golden brown, and the soft thin layer enclosed an incredibly juicy and well-seasoned inner that was bursting with juices and flavour. The pork mince within was fragrant, well complemented by garlic and a tad of soy sauce. The eggplant and duck filling in contrast, was much bolder, with forward and beautifully bold duck flavours that was complemented by the soft and sweet eggplant.

We certainly weren’t disappointed by the Yukka, which is Gyoza Gyoza’s take on the popular steak tartare. Topped with a quail egg, the stunningly beautiful dish was exceptionally fresh, loaded with quality raw beef mince that was flavoursome and tender. Mixed within was sauce that offered up a¬†¬†slightly sweet and spicy sensation, all without overwhelming the delicious freshness of the beef itself. The salad served alongside did well in providing refreshing crispness throughout.

We concluded our meal with the Lamb Ribs. Having been twice-cooked, the crisp and sparsely battered outer offered up an aptly fatty experience that was exceptionally juicy and flavoursome. Chomping down reveals a meaty rib that is incredibly succulent and tender, as the protein simply fell right off the bone and almost melted away in your mouth. The light honey soy sauce provided a hint of sweet and savoury addition to the already flavoursome protein. An absolute delight!

The Mediocre

The weakest dish of the evening must be the Yaki Hotate – Miso Scallop. Despite the beautiful presentation, the scallop itself was unexpectedly chewy and just a tad fishier than expected. The creamy miso sauce was beautiful in and of itself and did help the scallop, though the dish was a tad underwhelming overall.

The Bad


The Verdict

With almost the entire menu priced at $6.80, Gyoza Gyoza is a great place where you can go nuts and try all the Japanese dishes you wouldn’t normally go for, all without breaking the bank.

The dishes were well-executed on the most part and held true to their authentic Japanese heritage. For Japanese food lovers, this eatery should definitely not be missed!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Definitely. Delicious Japanese tapas, amazing range of shochu and sake, you can definitely count us in for more!

Penguineats would like to thank Gyoza Gyoza for inviting us.

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