Phat Stacks

736 Burke Road, Camberwell
03 9813 0508


  • 24k Ferrero Rocher Shake
  • Blue Baller Burger
    • add Fried Chicken
    • add Cheese
  • The Pirate Burger
  • Loaded Chips

The Good

It was an amazing start with the 24k Ferrero Rocher Shake. Presented with much pomp and circumstance, the pouring of the liquid nitrogen created a smokey unveiling of the golden drink. Topped with two, gold-coated Ferrero Rocher, it was definitely a sight to behold. Underneath sat a generous heap of rich and nutty Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream, giving way to a thick and creamy, Nutella filled milkshake

We also enjoyed our modified Blue Baller. With added fried chicken, the chook was fried to a nice crisp and the protein was well seasoned and rated tender and juicy. The plump, whole grilled mushroom offered up an incredible flavour, which was well accompanied by an abundance of caramelised onions. Sitting at the bottom was the beef patty, which had good flavour and a coarse grind, though could be a tad juicier.

The Pirate Burger didn’t disappoint either. The unique presentation was certainly a talking-point, as the beer battered rockling was unconventionally sliced and sandwiched within the soft fluffy buns. The fish itself was fresh and tender, which was well complemented by plenty of pickled cucumber and sweet capsicum. Coupled with a generous helping of herby, lemon mayo, this fish burger certainly satisfied the tastebuds.

Accompanying the burgers was the Loaded Chips. Smothered in a thick layer of gooey cheese, we found the chips underneath fried to a perfect golden brown and offered up plenty of crunch. Mixed within were plenty of chunky bacon cubes and slices of jalapeƱos, though the jalapeƱos didn’t quite provide enough of a spicy kick on this occasion.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately, the gorgonzola within our Blue Baller Burger was either missing or has taken a back seat, as we could barely detect the signature taste of this normally pungent ingredient. Shame really, as that’s probably the main reason we wanted to try this burg.

The Bad


The Verdict

The number of new burger joints popping up around Melbourne is almost overwhelming, but reassuringly, Phat Stacks offers up a rather unique and brilliant experience thanks to their gold-themed menu.

Don’t be fooled by others saying that the burger craze is over, cause it so clearly isn’t – and Phat Stacks has just shown how much creativity can be had with the humble burger.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

That 24k Ferrero Rocher Shake was just jaw-dropping, both in taste and presentation. We can’t wait to be back for more of this show-stopper of a milkshake!

Penguineats would like to thank Phat Stacks for inviting us.

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