Sky Bar and Kitchen

L6/52 Montclair Avenue, Glen Waverley
03 8592 6994
Contemporary, Modern Australian


  • Tasting Platter:
    • Karapincha Spiced Calamari
    • Pork Belly
    • Oysters
  • Char-Grilled Spring Lamb Cutlets
  • Black Angus Tenderloin 250gm
  • Panna Cotta
  • Chocolate Mousse

The Good

It was a pleasant start with the Tasting Platter. Consisting of a variety of components, our favourite of the lot must be the Karapincha Spiced Calamari. Lightly crumbed and fried, the calamari itself was exceptionally tender and soft. This was coupled with a pleasant and fragrant curry leaf flavour that definitely made the entree exceptionally appetising. We also enjoyed the Pork Belly. Braised for eight hours, the cut of pork was incredibly juicy and succulent, with a perfectly layered cross-section of lean and fatty bits. Served alongside a Vietnamese herb salad and chilli caramel sauce, this cut of pork certainly delivered on the flavour explosion we were after!

Our mains included the Char-Grilled Spring Lamb Cutlets, which were stunningly presented on this occasion. The lamb cutlets exhibited a nice charring that offered up an aromatic experience. Within the slightly crisp outer, the protein was juicy and full of flavour, beautifully tender and well-spiced. This was nicely served alongside was a sweet potato mash, which was dotted with the occasional chunk of crunchy cashew that offered up a textured experience, as well as an abundance of edmame beans that

We concluded the evening with the Panna Cotta. The beautifully fragrant vanilla flavour was apparent from the first bite, and you are rwarded with an exceptionally smooth and creamy pudding that offered up the perfectly jiggly consistency. This was served with an amazing chocolate soil, which was hard without being overly brittle, as well as dollops of espresso cream that provided a balancing bitterness. This was definitely one of the best renditions of this dessert we’ve come across to date.

The Chocolate Mousse also didn’t disappoint. The mousse was soft and airy, made with a slightly dark chocolate that was well-balanced in sweetness. Served alongside was a beautifully refreshing raspberry sorbet, which was nicely accompanied by a rich creme anglaise. A lovely dessert, though overshadowed by the amazing panna cotta.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately our Black Angus Tenderloin failed to impress on this occasion. Advertised at 250 grams, this must be the smallest piece of steak we’ve ever come across. Despite asking for it to be cooked to a medium-rare, the steak turned out closer to medium-well. Thankfully, the protein was still reasonably soft and plump, juicy with plenty of flavour and a pleasant beef aroma throughout. The biggest gripe however would be the amount of salt sprinkled on top, which made it an exceedingly salty experience. The saving grace was the potato rosti, which was nicely fried and offered up plenty of crunch and texture.

The Bad


The Verdict

The Sky Bar offers a pleasant and relaxed dining environment made better by a stunning view over the Glen Waverley neighbourhood and its surrounds.

While the food here is built on solid foundations, the service we received definitely needs much refinement. However, a few tweaks here and there could undoubtedly really bring this eatery to a whole new level, somewhere that is memorable not just for the view, but for the food and service as well.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. We’d love to be back for a relaxing drink and admire the suburban view.

Penguineats was invited to dine at Sky Bar and Kitchen.

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