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Lebanese, Middle Eastern


  • Fattoush Salad
  • Kuwait Fried Chicken
  • Kibbeh
  • Lamb Shwarma
  • Moroccan Chut b’chi Zyu
  • Saharan Seduction
  • Shisha Foreplay

The Good

The undeniably photogenic Fattoush Salad was a must-have and we definitely weren’t disappointed. Quite literally spilling out of the crisp, pita come, the salad was incredibly fresh and loaded with Mediterranean goodness. Highlights included the fresh cubes of tomato and cucumber, which were made tangy and slightly spicy by the sumac and lemon dressing. Topped with plenty of light tulum cheese and fragrant za’atar, this salad certainly wasn’t light of flavour!

We proceeded to sample the Kuwait Fried Chicken. The crumbing on these chicken ribs were simply incredible, offering a satisfying, spicy crunch with each bite. The spices mixed within batter ensured a bold and forward flavour explosion, which was well complemented by the juicy and tender chicken protein within. Coupled with a creamy Harissa aioli, this entree was definitely our favourite of the evening.

The Kibbeh is most definitely another signature dish that’s not to be missed. The thin, delicate outer wrapped an inner that was filled with a juicy mixture of speed beef, exceptionally dove some and almost bursting with juices. The smokey eggplant served alongside provided an j credible depth in flavour and definitely made this a memorable dish.

The Lamb Shwarma was simply incredible and a sight to behold. The humongous plate was loaded with a generous serving of whole lamb shoulder. With the simple push of a fork, the peotein simply fell apart and quite literally melted away in your mouth. The flavour profile was just incredible, thanks partly to the fresh, delicious lamb itself but mostly due to the incredible spice rub that was utilised in the slow cooking. Pouring on the stunningly bold saffron yoghurt further added to the exceptional flavours of the lamb.

Our seemingly ordinary Moroccan Chut b’chi Zyu, otherwise known as Seafood Claypot, was anything but. The rich tomato base offered up incredible depth in flavour, which was loaded with pieces of crispy, baby snapper and grilled calamari. The seafood flavour was bold and forward, and as recommended by our waiter Fernando, it was best consumed with a portion of sticky, spiced rice. This undoubtedly made for a very appetising and filling dish.

We ended the evening on a sweet note with the Saharan Seduction. This dessert was unlike anything we’ve ever had before. Stunningly presented, the liberally applied milk crumbs were sinfully tasty, providing a brich, milky goodness that had a crumbly texture. Hidden underneath, the semolina cake contrasted the texture with a soft and spongy sensation, which was well complemented by the refreshing, fruit orange blossom gel. Combined with the suddent burst of juicy goodness from slices of mandarin, and a hint of creaminess thanks to the well-spiced cinnamon cream, this dessert was one hell of a way to round off our evening and we just kept going back for more!

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Hidden at the very end of one of the many laneways in the CBD, Souk is a hip and very trendy haunt that’s cleverly fit-out, offering up patrons an irresistible and contemporary taste of Middle-Eastern cuisine.

With a cleverly designed menu that skilfully combines modern interpretation and traditional flavours and ingredients, not only did we find the dishes here intriguing and interesting, but most importantly, they impressed us in every conceivable way. Coupled with the down-to-earth, friendly service thanks to our server Fernando, it was an amazing evening indeed.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. We just can’t wait to be back for more outrageous cocktails and unique Mediterranean dishes!

Penguineats would like to thank Souk for inviting us.

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