Curry Smuggler

223 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
03 8597 0647


  • Salmon Tikka
  • Tandoori Mushrooms
  • Chicken Korma
  • Alloo Baingan Masala
  • Lamb Biriyani

The Good

With a beautifully vibrant colour, the Salmon Tikka was roasted to perfection. The bright red appearance made way for an incredibly gender inner that was cooked just right and had a slight spice permeating through. The slight crispness of the outer added a pleasant variation in texture and made for a delectable start to our meal.

The Tandoori Mushrooms were also rather enjoyable. Coated in an intense yellow colour and baked in a tandoori oven, the mushrooms were thankfully mild and much less spicy than its appearance. However you were rewarded with an exceptionally juicy experience with each chomp down, which made for a

The Lamb Briyani was another standout of the evening. The soft and fluffy basmati rice was fragrant and well spiced, and hidden underneath were generous chunks of tender and flavoursome lamb that offered up plenty of meaty sensation. The aromatic combination was well matched by a refreshingly light and slightly tangy yoghurt, a classic combination to lamb, acted as the perfect gel that held all the components together. Definitely one of the best Biryani we’ve come across to date!

As a relatively common dish, the Chicken Korma certainly felt nothing but ordinary. The curry was rich and creamy, deliciously thick and well spiced without feeling overwhelmingly so. Within hid giant chunks of tender, succulent chicken that borrowed much flavour from the delicious curry itself. Served with a side of fluffy, fresh and buttery naan that acted as the perfect sponge to soak up all the sauces, this was one unstoppable combination that just kept begging for another bite.

We also enjoyed the Alloo Baingan Masala, which was a beautiful combination of lightly fried eggplant, pillowy soft potatoes, and various spices and herbs. The eggplant was cooked just so, it’s soft and gooey inner perfectly contrasted by the slight crispness of its outer skin. Every inch was generously coated with fragrant and flavoursome spices, and made for a very hearty and appetising vegetarian option.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Amongst the many eateries lining all along Brunswick Street, Curry Smuggler definitely stands out as one of the best Indian eateries we’ve had to date.

Our meal was characterised by generous portions of authentic, well-balanced and exceptionally executed items that continued to impressed dish after dish. For an authentic Indian dining experience that’s bound to satisfy your tastebuds without breaking the bank, you seriously need not look further.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Oh you can count on it! We just can’t wait to return for more Biryani and Naan.

Penguineats would like to thank owner Manraj for inviting us to Curry Smuggler.

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