59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
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  • Lima Beans Plate
  • Green Beans
  • Baked Whiting
  • Calamari Plate
  • Minute Steak Pita
  • The Best Chocolate Mousse

The Good

We started off with the Lima Beans Plate and a bag of Green Beans and were immediately impressed. Cooked to a beautiful softness and dressed with a generous helping of fragrant olive oil, the simple beans were creamy and slightly earthy, it’s sauce perfectly complemented by finely diced raw onions that offered up a satisfying tang. Served with plenty of fresh and fluffy pita bread that perfectly soaked up the creamy sauce, and accompanied by the fresh crunch of perfectly cooked beans tossed with lemon juices, this was a light yet tasty introduction to Israeli cuisine

The Whiting was another highlight of our meal. Fresh out of the oven and baked to perfection, the still-crisp skin made way for a juicy and succulent inner that simply fell away from its bones. The sweetness of the tomatoes combined with the fresh juices of the fish made for an incredible combination that’s flavourful, yet allowed the fish to shine.

Another dish that must not be missed is the Calamari Plate. Exhibiting a nicely charred outer, each slice of fresh calamari offered up an incredible aromatic experience coupled with plenty of crunchy goodness. Served with a tangy salad, default combination of middle eastern garnishes comprising of lightly dressed and comprised of thinly sliced cucumber, tomatoes, garlic and onion, this refreshing yet flavourful dish is any seafood lover’s dream come true!

The main attraction at Miznon was of course their signature Pitas, and our Minute Steak Pita was nothing short of phenomenal. With a generous helping of steak sprouting out from the pita pocket, the heavily seasoned and incredibly tender steak was bold in flavour and just so juicy. This was well accompanied by a deliciously creamy Tahini, chilli and some pickles, it’s zing cutting right through the richness of the beef.

On every Friday evening,. Miznon hosts a traditional Isreali celebration for its patrons modelled after Shabbat. With shot of alcohol flowing liberally, an absolutely gigantic loaf of freshly baked bread served alongside their signature dips, the atmosphere was nothing short phenomenal. Despite its size, the giant loaf certainly didn’t last long having been shared amongst all patrons that night, but Miznon surprised us all with yet another treat, just the most incredible cinnamon rolls we’ve ever come across.

We rounded off the amazing evening on a sweet note with the aptly named, The Best Chocolate Mousse. With a name like that, Miznon definitely didn’t sell itself short! The mousse was just incredibly, so light and airy yet with just enough creaminess without being too rich. Made with a slightly darker chocolate, the dessert was just sweet enough to satisfying your palate without going overboard. Just perfect.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

We are incredibly glad that Miznon has finally arrived in Melbourne. While we definitely have tried Isreali and Mediterranean good before, nothing quite compares to the experience that Miznon provides.

Exceptionally fresh, very affordable and with a diverse menu that’s bound to cater to all your dietary requirements, Miznon offers a simply exceptional, no-fuss feed that offers you a real taste of Israeli street food.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Forget Dinner by Heston, Attica and Quay. For a dining experience like no other, arrive at Miznon on a Friday evening and be blown away by the simple yet perfectly executed Mediterranean street food, the electrifying atmosphere, the generous hospitality, and wonder why you haven’t discovered this any sooner.

Penguineats would like to thank Miznon for inviting us.

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