Bowl Bowl Dumpling

88 Smith Street, Collingwood
03 9417 7448


  • The Signature Dumplings
  • Red Hot Cow Dumplings
  • Lamb Ribs
  • Yu Xiang Eggplant
  • Double Cooked Pork

The Good

We were off to a brilliant start with The Signature Dumplings. Steamed just right and served in a huge bowl, the dumplings were lightly dressed in a tasty soy and vinegar sauce that offered up an appetising, tangy acidity. The delicate skin of the dumplings enclosed a meaty and flavoursome inner that was well seasoned and offered plenty of flavour. Combined with the crunch of crushed peanuts and a dash of chilli oil, there’s no questioning why this was the signature dish!

We also enjoyed the Red Hot Cow Dumplings. The unique and creative presentation made way for an awesome feed. The dumplings were skewered and served on a stick. Fried to a nice crisp that offered a satisfying crunch, the golden brown outer wrapped a juicy and tasty inner filled with beef. With a dip in the thick, spicy sauce, these flavoursome and juicy dumplings certainly held true to their name!

The Lamb Ribs were simply delicious. The nicely charred outer ensured a crisp finish. The lamb itself absolutely delicious, so tender and simply falling off the bone. We found the dish exceptionally aromatic, and was well accompanied by plenty of fried chillies and herbs. Make sure to have a drink handy though because they really turned up the heat on this one!

The mains didn’t disappoint either. The Yu Xiang Eggplant offered up an experience that’s bound to tantalise your tastebuds. The crisp, lightly battered eggplant slices made way for a soft, almost gooey inner. Meanwhile, the Yu Xiang sauce was intense, offering a strong, sweet and sour experience that was unapologetically bold. The appetising sauce definitely went well with a warm bowl of rice.

We also enjoyed Double Cooked Pork. Having first been steamed then pan fried, the generous slices of pork belly were crisp yet incredibly tender. The slight caramelising of the fattier bits offered up an incredible flavour, which was well juxtaposed by the crisp greens scattered liberally throughout.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

It’s no surprise that the best dishes we sampled at Bowl Bowl Dumplings were, well, the dumplings. While their mains weren’t bad by any standard, the dumplings certainly stood out and most definitely should not be missed!

It’s often difficult to retain the traditional Chinese flavours when taking on a modern interpretation on aged-old staples like Dumplings. However Bowl Bowl has managed to pull it off, offering patrons a creative and delicious take on dumplings that still manage to pay homage to China.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

We will definitely be back for more dumplings!

Penguineats would like to thank Bowl Bowl Dumplings for inviting us.

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