Shujinko (Flinders Street)

Shop 13 / 276, Flinders Street, Melbourne
03 8592 4648


  • Shujunko Ramen
  • Black Ramen
  • Takoyaki Balls
  • Croquettes

The Good

It was a pleasant start to our meal with the signature Shujunko Ramen. Their pork broth was thick and rich, with a subtle pork flavour that could’ve definitely be more forward. Within, the noodles were thick and round, though cooked just right, offering a hint of chewiness without being soggy. Alongside sat slices of charred pork belly, exhibiting equal parts of fat and lean, resulting in a juicy, tender experience with plenty of flavour. However our ramen was oddly accompanied by Bok Choy and a not-so-half-boiled egg, both definitely not found in any traditional Japanese ramen.

We shared similar sentiments towards the Black Ramen. The broth in this bowl was most definitely bolder, with a forward garlic flavour and just enough chilli to make your mouth tingle, all without overwhelming the pork flavour. For a more flavourful hit, this should be

We also enjoyed the Takoyaki Balls, a famous Japanese street food. Served fresh and topped with bonito flakes, the outer skin of each ball was crisp and well dressed in a combination of Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Chomping down reveals a soft and gooey inner, and hidden within is a chunk of tender octopus.

Another popular snack in Japan are the Croquettes. Fresh out of the fryer, the golden brown outer crumb was exceptionally crunchy. Held within was a heavenly soft mash of potato and mixed veggies.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

We are no strangers to this rapidly expanding 24-hour ramen chain.

This visit confirms our initial impressions that while this fast paced Japanese style eatery may not be strictly authentic, Shujinko is bound to satisfy any ramen craving, at any time of day.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

We wouldn’t mind stopping by if in the area.

Penguineats would like to thank Shujinko for inviting us.

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