Noda Grill

144 Bridge Road, Richmond
03 8395 7736


  • BBQ Beef Set
    • Scotch Fillet
    • LA Galbi
    • Beef Bulgogi
  • Kimchi Soup

The Good

The BBQ Beef Set did not disappoint one bit. Having your BBQ on a charcoal grill right on your table is quite a rarity these days as most have defaulted to gas, and we recon this adds an unbeatable depth in flavour to the meat. The Scotch Fillet was undoubtedly the highlight. Lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, the meat was grilled to a perfect medium and offered a flavoursome, juicy sensation with each bite. The tender beef was well accompanied by a beautiful beefy flavour with just a hint of chewiness, allowing the fresh taste of beef to linger long in your mouth.

The LA Galbi wasn’t bad either. The thin beef ribs were well marinated in a sweet soy marinade that was well balanced and controlled. The sweet and savoury flavours worked beautifully together to create an appetising

We also enjoyed the Beef Bulgogi. The stir-fry mixture was very appetising and tasty thanks to the balance of sweet and savoury bulgogi sauce. The thinly sliced beef was tender and juicy, nicely paired with a warm bowl of rice.

Our BBQ was well accompanied by a tasty Kimchi Soup and bowls of rice. The kimchi soup turned up the heat and offered a spicy and very appetising experience. The chilli broth was filled with slices of silky smooth tofu, soft, slow braised veggies and chunks of pork. This was of course best served with a rice to help tone down the heat!

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Noda Grill is one of the few places that still offer a charcoal Korean BBQ experience. With fresh, quality ingredients and an amazing charcoal flavour, this was one delicious BBQ indeed.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

With an all you can eat option for a mere $40 per person, you bet we will be back!

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