Thai and Rani

177 Bluff Road, Black Rock
03 9598 9325


  • Home Made Chilli Sauce Wontons
  • Curry Puffs
  • Treasure Hunt @ Mt. Buller
  • Penang Duck Curry
  • Seafood Hot Plate
  • Pud Bai Gapoa Puk
  • Campfire
  • Khao Neow Kerr

The Good

We were off to a tasty start with the Home Made Chilli Sauce Wontons and the Curry Puffs. Elegantly and uniquely presented, two sparrows perched on top of bamboo overhanging the beautiful wontons. The wontons were just delicious, its thin, delicate skin beautifully encasing juicy and flavoursome pork mince. This was accompanied by Rani’s signature chilli sauce, which had a good amount of spice and plenty of flavour, its heat was rounded out by some sweetness. The Curry Puffs on the other hand were fried to a perfect golden brown, its outer exhibited a beautiful flakey, crispness. Within, the curry flavour was bold and forward, with the chicken and curry within well marinated and heavenly soft.

The show-stopper of the evening must be the “Treasure Hunt @ Mt. Buller”. Aptly named and most definitely not lacking in surprises, this dish took the humble sweet and sour pork to a whole new level. After the pouring of liquid nitrogen over the shaved ice, we dug into our treasure hunt and found our first bit of sweet and sour pork. The pork was just incredible, its exceptionally crunchy outer offered a satisfying sensation, while the sweet and sour sauce was well accompanied by the juicy and tender pork within. Accompanied by the usual veggies coated in more of the delicious sauce that was well balanced, this dish went extremely well with a warm bowl of rice.

Our favourite dish of the evening must be the Penang Duck Curry. Arriving piping hot in a clay pot, the generous serve was most definitely appreciated thanks to its absolutely phenomenal flavour. The curry was rich and creamy, with plenty of flavour and a good thickness thanks to the coconut cream blended throughout. The slices of duck within were plentiful and cooked just right, beautifully tender, inheriting flavours from the curry yet still exhibiting a beautiful, almost gamey sensation. This was accompanied by crunchy capsicum, juicy lychee and soft potatoes, perfectly served with a huge bowl of coconut rice. Absolutely delicious.

The Seafood Hot Plate wasn’t bad either. The steaming hot plate carried with it a fragrant, sweet and tangy sensation thanks to the delicious Tom Yum sauce. This was of course accompanied by plenty of fresh, tasty seafood including mussels, calamari and prawns. When served together with the Pud Bai Gapoa Puk, some stir-fried veggies with a hint of sweetness thanks to the sweet basil, this was a classic combination that certainly can’t go wrong!

We rounded off the evening on a sweet note with the Campfire and the Khao Neow Kerr. The Campfire was spectacularly presented. Lifting the lid reveals a scoop of maple smoked ice cream, which the 70% dark chocolate was poured over and served with a charred marshmallow and charcoal shards. We found the sweetness controlled and well balanced, however the smokey sensation was a tad overwhelming and masked the flavour of the chocolate itself.

The Khao Neow Kerr is a sticky rice made from taro. The sticky rice was made in traditional Thai fashion, soft, gooey with a hint of chewy sensation. The taro flavour was pleasant though not overly bold, nicely accompanied by the drizzle of coconut sauce.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Thai Rani offers up a unique and sensational take on Thai and all things South-East Asian. With a blend of influences from the region, Thai Rani has created a modern and excitable rendition of traditional staples that’s bound to spice up not only your tastebuds, but all your senses.

For an unforgettable Thai meal, Thai Rani should certainly not be missed.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

You bet! We can’t wait to be back for more Duck Curry!

Penguineats would like to thank owner Justin for inviting us to Thai and Rani.

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