Kim Sing (Flinders Lane)

310 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Chinese


  • Chicken Steak with Mixed Vegetables
  • Pork Omelette

The Good


The Mediocre


The Bad

Despite its reputation of being the most popular dish at Kim Sing, the Chicken Steak was rather disappointing. The batter of the chicken was bland and flavourless, and honestly wasn’t very crispy either. Within, the chicken was clearly of low quality, overcooked lacking in flavour and seasoning. This was served with off-cuts of unseasoned veggies and a generous portion of rice, neither really impressed.

The Egg Omelette with Pork would’ve passable, if not for the egg batter itself which was insanely salty. The pork, Cha Siu, within were tough and chewy. Coupled with a distinct lack of “wok hei” and sparsely dotted with bean sprouts, this dish most definitely did not impress.

The Verdict

Kim Sing may be acceptable for those on a tight budget, however it’s honestly a case of “you get what you pay for”.

Do yourself a favour, pay a couple of bucks more, get a far more superior product than what’s on offer here. You might actually enjoy the meal at any other Asian establishment dotted around the CBD, instead of just scoffing down something vaguely edible.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Pass. Hard pass.

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