The Crafty Squire

115 Russell Street, Melbourne
03 9810 0064
Bar Food


  • Chicken Parma
  • Grilled Kangaroo Fillet

The Good


The Mediocre

The Chicken Parma didn’t quite impress. Despite the generous size, the chicken schnitzel itself was rather thin, though thankfully made of real chicken breast. However on this occasion, it was evident the Parma has been sitting for quite a while as the crumbing was soft and soggy. On top sat a pleasant Napoli sauce that carried a rich tomato flavour, nicely paired with a thin slice of ham. Holding it altogether was a good amount of melted cheese, which while plentiful though didn’t carry much flavour. The chips accompanying it were plain and lacked seasoning, while the salad was fresh, lightly seasoned though unremarkable.

We also sampled the Grilled Kangaroo Fillet, which was artfully presented and accompanied by plenty of herb roasted potatoes, carrots and a pepperberry jus. The kangaroo protein itself was of good quality, carrying great flavour and a gamey sensation. Though the meat tended to be tougher than expected as bits were unfortunately overcooked and overly charred.“

The Bad


The Verdict

After a long wait, it was overall a passable, though definitely unimpressive meal.

Simply put, careful execution in the kitchen would’ve prevented rookie mistakes like a soggy parma or overcooked protein, and elevating this pub to the next level.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

At this price point with this lack of attention to detail, it’s hard to recommend.

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