30 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds
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  • Papadum with Chutney
  • Paneer Nuggest
  • Sharabi Raan
  • Butter Chicken
  • Beef Vindaloo
  • Palak Paneer
  • Basmati Rice
  • Garlic Naan
  • Carrot Pudding

The Good

It was a good start with the papadum and a colourful trio of chutneys. The bright and fresh mint, vibrant and earthy Beetroot, and the sweet dark tamarind were the perfect accompaniment to the thin, crisp papadams.

We then dug into the Paneer Nuggets. This creative fusion dish was elegantly presented. Within each nugget contained two layers of lightly flavoured paneer cheese, sandwiching a herb chutney creating a tinge of spice. The outer batter was lightly fried and offered a slight crispness, though the onion rings sitting on top weren’t as crunchy as we’d like.

We also sampled two smoked entrees including the Sharabi Raan (lamb) as well as a similar dish cooked with chicken masala. The lamb was marinated overnight with rum and spices, then cooked to an amazing softness that effortlessly fell apart in your mouth. The well spiced sauce generously coated each sizeable chunk of lamb, while the soft, fluffy sizes of potatoes made for a comforting touch and balanced out the spice.

Our mains included the signature Butter Chicken, a fiery Beef Vindaloo, and a thick Palak Paneer.

The a Butter Chicken was of course a crowd favourite. The rich, creamy butter chicken sauce was incredibly fragrant and had a lovely depth in flavour, all without being too overwhelming with spice. Within, the chunks of chicken were sizeable and tender, inheriting much flavour from the delicious sauce it was cooked within. Well paired with plenty of fluffy garlic naan, this dish went down a treat.

The Beef Vindaloo was of course not for the faint hearted. The fiery dish was hot and spicy, though not unbearably so. The dried chilli definitely kicked up the heat, though the flavourful beef was still evident in every bite. Thanks to its spice, we found it best paired with some plain basmati rice.

The Palak Paneer was another signature Indian dish. The brilliant green was thanks to finely chopped spinach, which was cooked with paneer cheese and plenty of ginger to create an excellent aroma. The curry exhibited an incredibly thick texture and was a creamy, though not overly rich dish. Perfect for vegetarians!

The evening concluded with a Carrot Pudding. Slowly cooked in an intricate milk-reduction process, this warm, hearty dessert was suitably sweet and very milky. The beautiful carrot flavour was bold and forward in each bite, while the soft, pillowy texture made each mouthful as comforting as the next. This was definitely an excellent winter dessert.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Offering a refined dining experience, Haldi is no ordinary Indian eatery. Serving up much more than just curry in a pot, we found each dish individually, and intricately prepared, cooked just to your liking and delicately presented.

For an extraordinary Indian experience with a modern twist, you need not look further.

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