MoVida Bar De Tapas

1 Hosier Lane, CBD
03 9663 3038


  • Caballa Ahumada (Smoked Mackerel)
  • Bistec Tartar (Steak Tartare)
  • Arroz Con Pato (Baked Spanish Rice of Duck Leg)
  • Carrilera De Buey (Slow Braised Beef Cheek)
  • Setas Asadas Con Jerez (Oven-roasted Portobello Mushrooms)
  • Squid Ink Calamari with Cod
  • Flan (Creme Caramel)
  • Torta (Quince and Almond Tart)

The Good

Undoubtedly the best dish of the whole evening was the Carilla De Buey. Slow braised to absolute perfection, the beef simply fell apart at the push of a spoon. Exceedingly tender, the protein just melted in your mouth, with a punch in beef aroma followed by a strong red wine aftertaste permeating throughout. This was well complemented by the exceptionally creamy and rich cauliflower puree.

Another highlight was the Setas Asadas Con Jerez. A surprisingly simple dish that was done exceptionally well, the mushrooms were wholesome and roasted just so. A slight hardness on the outer gave way to a soft and juicy inner. Dipping each chunk in the vinegar sauce further enhanced the fresh taste of these perfect mushrooms.

The Arroz Con Pato didn’t disappoint either. Topped with tender and wholesome cuts of duck that was roasted to a nice crisp, underneath we found some of the softest, most flavoursome rice. The pine mushrooms and oregano added a nice depth in flavour, while the juicy duck was undeniably tasty in and of itself. We simply couldn’t get enough of this dish.

We also enjoyed the special of the day, the Squid Ink Calamari with Cod. Cooked to great tenderness, the calamari was exceedingly soft and simply melted away in your mouth. Drenched in an abundance of slightly salty squid ink, this was accompanied by lightly charred and flavoursome octopus tentacles. Served alongside were pieces of fresh and tender pan-fried cod. A delicious seafood combo.

We concluded the evening with the Flan. Exceedingly smooth and rich in texture, the caramel flavour was forward without being overly bold. A beautiful creamy sensation throughout coupled with a great jelly-like feedback, this was one delicious dessert when coupled with the nuttiness of the biscuits served alongside.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately the tapas were universally less spectacular. The Caballa Ahumada, Smoked Mackerel, was tender though intensely salty. Similarly, we found the Bistec Tartar – Steak Tartare, to be equally salty, though the beef itself was phenomenally soft and bold with beef aroma, which was well contrasted by the crunch of the biscuit.

The Bad


The Verdict

We’ve wanted to visit Movida for a very long while, and this meal was certainly no disappointment. The mains were overall well-executed, offering some unique and delicious flavours that reminds us of the authentic cuisine in Spain.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure, but it may be a while given how much pocket-emptying this meal involved…

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