Uni Boom Boom

63 Myrtle Street, Glen Waverley
03 5611 3330


  • Otoro Urchin Taster
  • Uni Boom Taster Platter
  • Dual Salmon Urchin Cone
  • Foie Gras Urchin Ramen
  • Fluffy Urchin Toast
  • Sea Urchin Coffee

The Good

We started off with the Otoro Urchin Taster. This was a simple sea urchin atop quality blue fin tuna. The freshness of the sea urchin gave a distinct flavour of the sea exhibiting a mild sweetness, and buttery texture, which I’ve never experienced before from sea urchin I’ve had at other restaurants. This introduction to the speciality ingredient certainly did not disappoint.

We were then treated to the Uni Boom Taster Platter which consists of sea urchin, abalone and foie gras. The foie gras was exceptional rich in flavour with a thick pastey texture, it also had a hint of smokiness from the way it was prepared. The sea urchin again was very consistent in quality and taste. It comes with a little pineapple cup filled with birds nest drink. This is the first time I’ve had birds nest and it was quite refreshing like a lychee drink.

Next on the menu was the Dual Salmon Urchin Cones. The cones were filled with roe and topped with sea urchin or salmon. Strangely enough the sweetness and texture of the cones complemented the seafood well and did not overwhelm the urchin. The salmon was marinated in mayo and had a hint of spicy goodness.

We rounded off with the Foie Gras Urchin Ramen. As any foodie would know, the broth is the main component of any ramen, and the broth here is made from boiling sea urchin for 48 hours giving it a strong seafood flavour. The ramen was nice and firm, and included sea urchin egg souffle and pieces of foie gras which made for quite a hearty and wholesome dish.

The Mediocre

Unfortunately the Fluffy Urchin Toast failed to impress. Whilst the toast was fluffy, the dish did not do much to highlight the sea urchin. Hidden under the blanket of cheese is actually a marshmallow. It was a strange sensation and I neither liked nor disliked it.

The Sea Urchin Coffee felt more of a novelty than an actual coherent drink. When made into a coffee it exhibited a salty flavour which was hard to describe. The savoury sensation failed to gel with the bitterness of the espresso shot.

The Bad


The Verdict

With the appearance of a warehouse but when you step inside you can feel the enthusiasm of the sea urchin in it’s decor, and the extensive history framed on the walls describing the conception of Pacific Sea Urchin. The ingredients were obviously of top quality, with price tags to match, and we look forward to seeing what other things they will do with sea urchin!

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Worth a try when in the area!

Penguineats was invited to dine at Uni Boom Boom

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