Ton and Co

118 High Street, Windsor
03 9023 3396


  • Pork Ribeye Tonkatsu
  • Pork Striploin Tonkatsu
  • Ox Tongue
  • Potato Salad
  • Matcha Cheese Cake

The Good

We were immediately impressed by the Pork Ribeye Tonkatsu. Weighing in at a hefty 300 grams, the generously sized pork cutlet was absolutely stunning. The lightly, flakey golden brown batter was crisp and airy, offering a delightful crunch that effortlessly gave way into a tender, juicy inner. The thick cut pork was perfectly cooked, and thanks to the 4-day marination process, was full of flavour, offering a bold, rich sensation that felt light yet wholesome. Brilliantly paired with a Japanese curry and a warm bowl of jasmine rice, this was one curry Katsu that’s hard to beat!

The Pork Striploin Tonkatsu did not disappoint either. Coming in slightly smaller at 200 grams, this cut was definitely leaner with less marbling, with a strip of fat lining the top side of the cutlet. The once again flawless crumbling was even more evident on this dish, with the sweet and tangy Tonkatsu served on the side, ensuring plenty of crunch throughout. The protein here felt a tad denser and harder, though by no means tough or chewy. For those that prefer a lighter, leaner experience that’s arguably just as tasty, the Striploin is definitely the way to go.

We also indulged in their Ox Tongue and Potato Salad. Having been slow cooked for 18 hours, the ox tongue was incredibly tender and succulent. Thick cut with a very meaty sensation, the skewers were lightly charred and dressed in a tagorashi sauce that was well behaved in sweetness.

Meanwhile, the Potato Salad was of top quality. With chunky bits of potato mixed with various veggies and finished with a slightly spicy karashi mustard and tangy vinegar, this was a textured, appetising salad that kept us wanting for more.

The meal concluded with the Matcha Cheese Cake paired with Hojicha Ice Cream. The matcha cheese cake was gorgeous, the silky smooth texture was beautifully accompanied by the bold, fragrant matcha flavours. With a thick biscuit crumb bottom and light whipped cream at the top, all paired with the unique flavours of the burnt tea from the Hojicha Ice cream, this was a flawless treat to conclude our meal.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Our long-awaited visit to the famed Ton and Co did not disappoint one bit. Paying homage to authentic Japanese tradition of quality produce, flawlessly executed and simple yet stunning presentation, Ton and Co offers a premium Tokatsu experience that’s hard to rival.

With every detail meticulously thought out and even going so far to offering a bottomless cabbage salad just like in Japan, it’s no surprise this was undoubtedly the best Katsu we’ve come across that’s not made in Japan.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

You bet!  We can only say this was certainly the best Katsu we’ve had outside of Japan!

Penguineats would like to thank owner Michelle for inviting us to Ton and Co.

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