Shou Sumiyaki

160 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
03 9654 3933
BBQ, Japanese


  • Deluxe Premium Kobe Wagyu Beef and Seafood Set
    • Beef Tataki Salad
    • Chicken Thigh Yakitori
    • Sashimi Platter
    • Rib Eye
    • Scotch
    • Tenderloin
    • Salmon
    • Salmon Fillets
    • King Prawns
    • Matcha Parfaits

The Good

With a diverse menu with hundreds of cuts to choose from, we were most definitely spoilt for choice at this Japanese BBQ. We decided on the easy way out and opted for the “Deluxe Premium Kobe Wagyu Beef and Seafood Set”.

We started off with the Beef Tataki Salad, Chicken Thigh Yakitori, Sashimi Platter as well as the Cucumber with Truffle Mayo. The Beef Tataki Salad was light and refreshing, with crisp fresh leaves that beautifully accompanied thin, tender slices of raw marbled beef, dressed with a tangy, sweet and savoury sauce that worked remarkably well.

The Chicken Yakitori didn’t disappoint either. The tender pieces of grilled chicken exhibited a lightly charred outer that enclosed a juicy and tender inner. Lightly basted, the sweet and savoury sauce was nicely paired with juicy leek.

The Sashimi Platter was a definite standout. Featuring tuna, salmon, scallop and scampi, there was an excellent variety of fresh seafood that was beautifully presented. We found the tuna and salmon sashimi firm yet tender, indicating quality and freshness, while the delicate scallop almost melted away in your mouth.

The most awaited part of BBQ our set arrived soon after, featuring various cuts of Kobe Wagyu Beef.

The thinly sliced Rib Eye was simply incredible. Seared for 10 seconds on the hot charcoal grill ensured a lightly charred outer and a still-red inner that was bursting with flavour and incredibly tender thanks to having been marinated in a Sukiyaki sauce. This was nicely paired with minced garlic that added an earthiness to it. Definitely our favourite of the cuts.

We also enjoyed the highly marbled Scotch. Cut slightly thicker, the beef offered up an exceptional beefy flavour that was so bold and juicy. The texture was simply perfect thanks to its balance of lean and fat, and no sauce was necessary to indulge in this quality cut.

The Tenderloin was very meaty in comparison. Weighing in at 100 grams, the thick cut Was juicy, though offered up a tougher, chewier texture that rewards you with bold beefy flavours with each bite.

We also sampled the Kurobuta Pork Scotch. The pork flavour was bold and forward, though the arguably leaner cut meant that this was less juicy and succulent as the cuts of marbled wagyu.

On the seafood side, we found the Salmon Fillets fresh, and the King Prawns sizeable. Both were lightly seasoned with salt and grilled on charcoal made for great

We rounded off the evening with a couple of Matcha Parfait. On the Traditional Japanese variety, the freshly made Matcha Soft Serve was served with Raindrop Cake and made for a light yet refreshing treat. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Mousse was fruity and sweet, with plenty of berries dotted around.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

There simply exists no better way to indulge in premium wagyu. Simply sliced and grilled, you can truly savour the quality of the protein, the spectacular marbling, the textures and flavours in all its glory. Flown in direct from Japan, their Kobe Wagyu Beef is a must.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely! Still one of our favourite Japanese BBQ joints in Melbourne after all this time!

Penguineats would like to thank Shou Sumiyaki for inviting us.

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