Black Toro (Windsor)

104 Chapel Street, Windsor
03 9521 3858


  • Kingfish Tostada
  • Fish Tempura Tacos
  • Pork Cochinita Tacos
  • Lamb Barbacoa
  • Barramunda a la Talla

The Good

It was a pleasant start with the Kingfish Tostada. Topped with a crisp peanut slaw, underneath sat a delicate slice of lime cured kingfish. The tender yet firm protein was fresh and light, nicely accompanied by a creamy guacamole and served on a crispy Tostada. With a slice of very spicy green chilli, this was a light yet tasty appetiser for sure.

We then indulged in the Fish Tempura and Pork Cochinita Tacos. The Fish Tempura was fried to a perfect golden brown, the thin crisp outer holding an inner that was soft and almost fluffy. This was served with a creamy and spicy chipotle mayonnaise as well as shaved cabbage for contrast.
Meanwhile, the barbeque pulled pork was decadently tender and succulent, with plenty of juices mixed with a spicy and flavoursome hot sauce. All held together by a soft shell corn taco, the pork certainly went down a treat!

Our mains consisted of the Lamb Barbacoa and the Barramundi a la Talla. The Lamb was a slow cooked lamb shoulder wrapped in a banana leaf. As a result, the protein was exceptionally soft and tender, full of juices and flavour and nicely seasoned. The sourness of the pickles definitely did wonders cutting through the fattier bits.

The grilled Barramundi was served butterflied and de-boned. The contrasting vibrant colours of the red and green salsa made for a beautiful range of aroma and flavours. The red was definitely hotter and delivered more spice, while the green was lighter, more herby and refreshing. Underneath, the fish was grilled to absolute perfection, and the sweetness from the fresh, quality protein was evident in each bite.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Black Toro offers a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine. With a refined experience characterised by quality produce and perfect execution, you are bound to enjoy every bite of their authentic, intense Mexican flavours.

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