276 Victoria Street, North Melbourne
0435 861 170


  • Donwoori Set D
    • Top Grade Beef Rib
    • Top Side Beef
    • Scotch Fillet
    • Flank Beef Marinated
    • Beef Brisket Marinated
    • Pork Belly
    • Kimchi Hot Pot with Pork
  • Seafood Kimchi Pancake

The Good


The Mediocre

We ordered the Donwoori Set D for 5 and felt thoroughly underwhelmed. The Top Grade Beef Rib was probably the tastiest of the lot, thinly cut and relatively juicy. The beef had good flavour though wasn’t the most tender.

The rest of the beef like the Scotch Fillet and Flank were of low quality. The protein was tough, stringy and lacking in flavour.

The Pork Belly was incredibly fatty. With almost 80% of each pork belly strip made of fat, there was definitely plenty of flavour though not much was actually edible.

The Kimchi Hot Pot with Pork contained less than a handful of pork, with the bulk made of offcut veggies like onion and shallots.

The Bad

The Seafood Kimchi Pancake was a downright scam. There was not a single strand of seafood to be found within the pancake. No, we there wasn’t even any fake crab sticks.

Service was short, abrupt and lacking. Felt like an afterthought much like this paragraph.

The Verdict

Being the only Korean BBQ open on New Year’s Day, Donwoori was the default for many. Unfortunately this visit fell well short of our expectations and didn’t love up to the standard we came to expect from our last visit.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Cheap but most definitely not cheerful. We won’t be back.

Penguin Rates

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