The Old Factory

15 Myrtle Street, Myrtleford
03 5752 1435


  • The Feast

The Good

The Beef Brisket was perfectly cooked. With a good balance of lean and fat, the cuts of brisket was juicy and flavourful without being too fatty. The top side of the brisket had a very peppery rub, which at times overpower the flavour of the smoking and beef.

The BBQ Chicken Wings certainly impressed. The spice rub was very appetising and offered good flavour. The wings themselves were meaty and juicy, cooked just right. Delicious.

Equally perfect was the BBQ Pork Belly. Leaning towards the fattier side, the long strips of pork belly had a lovely porky flavour and was suitably tender and succulent. However we couldn’t quite get the smokey aroma or flavour that we had expected from an American BBQ like this.

Our Chipotle Hash brown certainly did not disappoint. The hash brown offered up a satisfying crunch and was fried to a perfect crisp. The inner was light and textured, and carried a nice spicy sensation thanks to the Chipotle. This was a very scrumptious side indeed.

The Mediocre


The Bad

Unfortunately the Mac and Cheese was a huge disappointment. It was neither made with macaroni, nor did it contain much cheese. The little cheese that we found hardly contained any substantial flavour. It was a soggy, bland, mess.

The BBQ Mushrooms also failed to impress. The mushrooms were dry and shrivelled and wrinkled, disappointingly offering not much flavour nor juiciness.

The Verdict

It was overall an enjoyable though unremarkable “Feast”. The BBQ meats were generally well executed though lacking in the bold, smokey flavour that marks a Texan BBQ. Much better American BBQ’s can be had in Melbourne’s immediate surrounds.

The sides however were the biggest letdown. They fell well short of expectations, especially that sad, glucky and tasteless Mac & Cheese.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

We might stop by for some burgers when in the area, but definitely won’t be doing The Feast again.

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