Chef David Kew

Shop R01/140, Cotham Road, Kew, Melbourne
0404 960 196


  • Wagyu M9+ Striploin
  • Prawn with Squid in Freshly Baked Lobster Bisque
  • Live Lobster Sashimi with Fish Roe
  • Full Blood Wagyu M9 with House Made Truffle Paste
  • M9+ Wagyu Nigiri
  • Tasmania Uni Serve with Crunchy Nori
  • Assorted Tempura
  • Thick Cut Coral Trout

The Good

It was an amazing start to our buffet with the variety of small dishes streaming through on the conveyor belt. The sushi-train setup allowed you to pick both ready to eat dishes, as well as ingredients especially for hot pot.
Our favourites include the delectable Cold Noodles. Served cold and dressed with an aromatic and flavourful chilli oil, the light sesame flavour and the slight spice generously coated each delicate strand of slightly chewy and perfectly cooked noodle.

Another must have is the Oyster with Caviar. With a light soy sauce, the fresh, generously sized oyster was beautifully fresh and aptly meaty.

The Prawn Maki was also tasty and unique. The cheesy and caramelised outer enclosed a soft and fluffy inner of rice. Within, the crunchy battered prawn was crisp and juicy.

We were allowed 5 choices each from the Tasting Menu. The highlights for us were no doubt the Wagyu and the Sashimi.

The Full Blood Wagyu M9 with House Made Truffle Paste was absolutely phenomenal. Lightly seared, the thinly sliced Wagyu was cooked to perfection. The incredibly juicy and still pink protein was already so bold and full of flavour, but was further enhanced by the thick and rich truffle paste that was so aromatic.

The Wagyu Nigiri was equally delicious. The same quality protein was thinly sliced and rested atop a small dollop of warm sushi rice. Each bite was not only juicy and flavourful, it had a pillowy comforting factor thanks to the rice too.

The Lobster Sashimi was another must try. Stunningly presented in a cocktail glass, the lobster was incredibly fresh, with a lovely soft yet bouncy feedback that was nicely paired with bursts of flavour thanks to the fish roe.

Next was the Hot Pot experience. With 8 different choices of broths on offer and all equally tempting, we were quite literally spoilt for choice.
Of course we couldn’t go without trying the Signature Chengdu Spicy Broth, which packed plenty of chillis and predictably plenty of heat. The aroma was simply incredible and certainly was a bold choice.

The Tokatsu Broth in contrast was much lighter in flavour. The porky sensation was forward though not overly rich, allowing for the delectable flavours of the raw ingredients

The highlight from the Hot Pot was undoubtedly the Wagyu M9+ Striploin. We dipped the thinly sliced, perfectly marbled protein into the boiling soup for 30 seconds, and it was ready to be devoured. Exhibiting a creamy and incredibly tender texture, the beautiful flavour and aroma of premium Wagyu was undeniable. Each bite was an absolute joy, and we felt this was best enjoyed with the lighter broth which allowed for the goodness of the beef to shine.

Of course there were also plenty of options for the Hot Pot too. Free to pick from the conveyor belt, we dug into sizeable scallops, cuttlefish balls, tiger prawns and even abalone. It was an incredibly fresh and utterly delicious feast!

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

The newly opened Chef David in Kew offers an absolutely unique and unparalleled  dining experience. From the mysterious entrance to the trendy neon layout within, nothing is ordinary here.

While all-you-can-eat is often associated with quantity over quality, it’s immediately clear that’s not the case at Chef David. Clear emphasis is placed on offering a premium dining experience, characterized by freshness and quality in every ingredient, as well as superb execution on their cooked menu.

For an unforgettable dining experience with seemingly endless choices that’s bound to impress, Chef David in Kew is simply a must.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely!

Penguineats would like to thank Chef David kew for inviting us.

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