Hecho en Mexico (Moonee Ponds)

14 Pratt Street, Moonee Ponds
03 7013 1450


  • Bottomless Brunch
    • Totopos
    • Taquito de Pollo
    • Taco Azul de Hoki
    • Taco Azul de Beef


The Good

It was a tasty start with the Totopos. The presentation was simple yet inviting thanks to the vibrant colours. Topped with a generous helping of house-made guacamole as well as tomatillo salsa, the classic combination made the crispy corn chips tasty and appetizing. With a squeeze of lemon offering zesty freshness and the sweetness of corn, it was a great start to our brunch.

We then dug into the Taquito de Pollo. The crunch of the fried tortilla shell enclosed an inner of sliced spiced chicken. The salsa fresca offered a slight spicy goodness, while the drizzle mint cream offered a refreshing feeling.

The tacos certainly didn’t disappoint. The Taco Azul de Hoki was a crowd favourite. The crispy fried Hoki had a beautiful crunchy golden outer and a soft and pillowy inner. The garlic jalapeno aioli offered up plenty of spice and heat, which was founded out by the fresh carrot and papaya slaw.
Meanwhile, the Taco Azul de Beef featured a nice balance of sweet and savoury. The mango salsa was sweet and fruity, which paired nicely with the 6 hour slow cooked pulled beef and it’s umami juices.

All of these tasty dishes were nicely paired with a variety of Mexican drinks. The Sangria was sweet and refreshing, while the Margarita was a sweet gorgeous drink. Of course being a bottomless brunch, we could down as many drinks as we wanted!

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Offering a casual and fun take on Mexican cuisine, you can count Hecho en Mexico delivering on the fresh ingredients and bold flavours that make Mexican food so popular.

Pair that with bottomless drinks, it’s bound to be a fun time out with friends or family.

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Penguineats would like to thank Hecho en Mexico for inviting us.

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