Calia Grill

G41, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone, Melbourne
03 7036 6604


  • Australian Wagyu Yakiniku Set
    • Wagyu Scotch M9+
    • Wagyu Rump Cap M6+
    • Wagyu Striploin M5+

The Good


The Mediocre

The Australian Wagyu Yakiniku Set failed to impress. Given our prior experience with quality Australian Wagyu, we expected a tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience that delivers plenty of flavour and offers a tender, succulent texture. Not so at Calia.

Clearly adopting a different definition of “premium”, we found the Striploin (M5+) tough and lacking in tenderness, despite being seared to a medium rare on the charcoal grill. The Rump Cap (M6+) was slightly more tender and less chewy, however the flavour was simply absent and obviously required the seasoning provided to enhance the taste.

The tastiest was undoubtedly the Scotch (M9+). However this was once again not a premium cut, with bits gristle and cartilage that totally ruined the rich, creamy sensation we had expected from a cut like this. Again, a quality cut of Australian Wagyu requires no seasoning to taste phenomenal. However on this occasion, the flavour just wasn’t there and required yet more seasoning.

The Bad

The charcoal was nowhere near hot enough and hence failed to produce the signature charring and flavour that’s normally associated with a charcoal bbq.

Having booked months in advance and being the first to arrive for the 11am session, we were allocated the worst seats in the entire venue – right next to the kitchen entrance.

The service was noticeably absent and after being seated, absolutely non-existent. Everything seemed to be a bother for the staff, and don’t even dream about getting service with a smile.

The Verdict

We had no misconceptions about how overpriced Calia was from our previous visits. However the newly opened Calia Grill was still a big disappointment, especially when the product served couldn’t even live up to their supposedly premium brand.

For 1/10th of the price, you may as well get juicy cut of steak and fry it up at home, all without the attitude and pompous arrogance. After the $100 bill, we still needed a second lunch.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

There’s simply no reason to return.

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