113 Eatery

113 High St, Northcote VIC 3070
03 9429 0457


  • Arancini
  • Paccheri Alla Genovese
  • Crudaiola
  • Deliziosa

The Good

It was a good start with the Arancini. The adorably sized arancini balls were the perfect golden brown. The crunchy, outer shell enclosed an inner that was heavenly soft and pillowy. The soft, flavourful arborio rice was infused with plenty of mushroom flavour. This was combined with a fragrant truffle fondue and cheese that made it ever so aromatic and creamy.

We then dug into the Paccheri Alla Genovese. The large tube shaped pasta had a huge surface area, which made it the perfect vehicle for soaking up the delicious sauce. The pasta was cooked to an al dente, which was a tad harder than what we are normally used to. However, the thick, rich veal ragu packed an absolutely sensational punch in flavour. The bold, forward veal combined with a light tomato base, small chunks of carrots offering hints of sweetness throughout that perfectly rounded out the umami.

The pizzas didn’t disappoint either. The Crudaiola was an instant classic. Topped with a mountain of fresh, crisp rocket, plenty of quality prosciutto, all sat on top of light for di latte and a fragrant tomato base, this is what Italian pizzas is all about. The flavours worked incredibly well together, with a complex blend of sweet, savoury and bitterness all served on a fresh, wood fired base with crust exhibiting gigantic heat spots. Gorgeous.

The Deliziosa was aptly delicious. This was one flavour bomb, with the spicy nduja, aromatic porcini mushrooms, and salty speck made every mouthful as bold as the next. The base for this pizza could’ve benefitted from a bit more crunch to give it some textural diversity, so maybe 30 seconds more in the oven would’ve done the trick.

The Mediocre


The Bad


The Verdict

Newly opened in trendy Northcote, 113 Eatery is the latest venue by the team behind our favourite Shop 225. Bringing with it all the good things that made their pizzas so outstanding.

Not only are the bold flavours a standout, but also the vegan and gluten free options that come as standard. For those with dietary requirements, you know you need not worry during a night out at 113 Eatery.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Of Course!

Penguineats would like to thank 113 Eatery for inviting us.

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