Brunetti (Carlton)

380 Lygon Street, Carlton
03 9347 2801
Cafe, Coffee and Tea, Desserts


  • Nutella Cheesecake
  • Biscotti Gelato Nutella
  • Latte
  • Long Black

The Good

The ice cream sandwich was overall quite nice. The biscuits were crunchy and slightly flakey with a great buttery flavour throughout. The gelato was creamy and smooth, howveer this was let down by the Nutella as the Nutella was frozen solid. The smooth gelato was complemented well by the coat of crunchy peanut flakes surrounding the back. It was a pretty great dessert overall.

The coffees were strong and flavourful. The bean was aromatic and this was particularly apparent in the long black.

The Mediocre

The cheesecake was relatively lackluster when compared to the gelato. The cheese, due to being ricotta and not Philadelphia, was too soft and overall lacks flavour. The Nutella tasted more like plain, slightly darker chocolate rather than hazelnut. The only saviour was the base and crust which was buttery and firm.

The Bad

The wait was long. The staff were tired and rundown. Things needed to be repeated many times.

The Verdict

As usual, brunetti is a consistently decent joint for afternoon tea and dessert. Nothing is ever terrible but nothing ever really amazes me either.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. I’d be down to try the plain gelato again.

Penguin Rates

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