White Mojo (Balwyn)

182-184 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn
03 9817 7859
Cafe, Contemporary, Fusion


  • Cold Press Garden Green Juice
  • Matcha Latte
  • The Pink Soup
  • White Mojo Croissant Burger
  • French Brioche

The Good

The juice was exceptionally fresh. While this certainly isn’t a thick juice with loads of pulp, the celery and apple flavours were bold and outright without being overpowering. Being freshly pressed just a mere few hours ago ensured that the freshness of the ingredients were at their full potential.

The Matcha Chai Latte was of course White Mojo’s specialty and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The green tea flavour was strong and and had great depth, which combined perfectly with the silky smooth and creamy forthed milk. The latte art was undoubtedly impeccable and nothing short of amazing. I dare say this is the best tasting and looking Matcha drink I’ve ever had. Having stupidly ordered Extra Hot, the actual flavour of the coffee is noticeably muted when hot but becomes much more apparent as the drink cooled down. For those looking for an actual caffeine hit though, I’d suggest something a little less adventurous like their single origin Long Black.

Being the uncivilised penguin that I am, I picked up the croissant burger with my hands (flippers) and took one big bite, which was one of the most phenomenal bites of food I’ve ever had. The croissant was flakey, airy and buttery. The soft shell crab had a nice crunchy outer enclosing soft and succulent crab meat. The egg yolk which started oozing out and held everything together. Slap on the spicy mayo, and the flavour profile was just unbeatable and diversity in textures were nothing less than spectacular.

You can usually judge a burger’s greatness by it’s aftermath, and damn was this one of the messiest, and extraordinarily scrumptious feed.

The pink soup was rich, bursting with flavour and was beautifully smooth and creamy. The flavour of the sweet potato combined rather well with the beetroot. Soaking some of the softest and succulent sous vide chicken in the sauce added great depth in flavour, allowing the chicken to slowly melt in your mouth while leaving an earthy aftertaste.

The Brioche French Toast was something you “definitely can’t say no to” according to owner Jia as he recommended the dish. Undoubtedly, the plating in itself was a beautiful work of art. Chomping down on the crunchy and perfectly toasted Brioche, you are rewarded with a mouthful of popping sensation that was popping, quite literally, with flavour. Add a dab of the best tasting coffee parfait ever, fresh blueberries, crunchy honeycomb and caramel dressing and you’ve got a spoonful of heaven for anyone who’s got a sweet tooth. Hands down the most unique, and one of the best renditions of French Toast I’ve ever had.

The Mediocre

If you were just having the Pink Soup by itself, portion size may be on the small side for most. However this gives you the opportunity to sample one of the beautiful donuts as an additional snack and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Bad


The Verdict

Overall a spectacular brunch experience and I am I’m pleasantly surprised how well these unique dishes eventuated and am extremely thankful to be invited to try out their new, carefully designed menu.

From the unique combination of ingredients and flavours to create outlandish dishes, the flawless presentation, and of course the perfect execution, White Mojo really is the full package and surely didn’t disappoint.

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