Proof Is In The Pudding

31 Chambers Street, South Yarra
0413 172 577
Bakery, Desserts


  • Flourless Dark Chocolate Pistachio Torte

The Good

The Dark Chocolate Torte was exceedingly moist. Destroying this edible work of art reveals a fudgey, soft and spongey inner.

Despite being flourless and hence gluten free, the cake itself remained exceptionally delectable, with none of the dryness or hardness normally associate with gluten free baked goods. The chocolate flavour was bold and forward without being overly sweet. Perfect.

The Pistachio Mousse topping was equally delectable. With a subtle flavour, it was silky smooth with an incredible consistency. Juxtaposed by the crunchiness of the salt and vinegar almonds, the topping on these gems were simply divine, well balanced in both flavour and texture.

The Mediocre

Currently, you have to order in a batch of six for these babies in one go, which may be too much of a guilty pleasure. However, once their new store is open, I'm sure you can feel a little less guilty by having only one to yourself.

The Bad


The Verdict

Being the first Vegan creation, head baker and owner Isabelle has definitely outdone herself.

While most Vegan and Gluten Free foods are often associated with a less tasty and scrumptious variant of the original, it's clearly not the case here as this dessert was no less divine. I certainly wouldn't have known otherwise, and there's no doubt that the proof is quite literally in the pudding, as I thorough enjoyed every last bite of this beautiful chocolate dessert.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Without a doubt. With a store opening up in less than a month just off Chapel Street, there's no doubt I will be hurrying back for more.

I'd like to thank Isabelle for inviting us to sample her first Vegan creation.

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