Brother Burger & The Marvellous Brew (Fitzroy)

413 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
03 9419 0088


  • Wingz Fizz
  • PB & J Wings
  • The Fun Guy:
    • with Bacon & Egg
  • Fair Dinkum:
    • with Beetroot, Bacon & Onion Jam
  • Onion Rings
  • Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Potato Fries

The Good

The Fun Guy burger held true to its name and was pretty fun to devour indeed. The lightly toasted, home made brioche was soft without being overly airy. Within, the wagyu beef patty was heavily seasoned and cooked to a nice crisp on the outer, while still remaining slightly pink within. Well complemented by an abundance of sauteed mushrooms and the delicious onion jam, this burger was packed with great flavours. Despite the double cheese within, it failed to provide much depth in flavour, though the truffle mayo was undeniably delicious and held the burger together exceptionally well. Unfortunately, the bacon (that we decided to add) within was too salty, in fact overwhelmingly so and distracted away from the other quality ingredients.

We also enjoyed the Fair Dinkum burger, which was Brother Burger's take on an 'Aussie' burger, and also added beetroot to make it just a bit more authentic. Once again, the wagyu beef patty was nicely seasoned. The beetroot pieces were fresh and added great texture and an earthy flavour. While the mustard mayo and barbeque sauce were pleasant and complemented the ingredients rather well, the bottom bun became rather soggy as we progressed, resulting in a mushy experience. Once again, the bacon was incredibly salty.

The wings are a new addition to Brother Burger's offering and they were an absolute delight. The PB & J Wings though stole the show. With a Satay-esque peanut sauce coating, the outer was was nicely charred and glazed with a tangy plum jam. The actual, discernible crumbs of peanut added additional crunch. The flavour combination of the sweet and tangy, along with the savoury of the peanut sauce, made for an outer, although this didn't necessarily translate to a properly marinated inner.

The Wingz Fizz was also quite interesting. Watching the lime sherbet seasoning fizz up was just half the fun. With a noticeable sourness and zing permeating throughout, this flavour combination was undoubtedly unique and palatable.

While I'm not normally a fan, the Sweet Potato Wedges here were rather sensational. Exceptionally crunchy on the outer, and nicely seasoned with just the right amount of salt, within was some of the softest and fluffiest sweet potato I've ever sampled. These wedges were fried to absolute perfection, and definitely swayed my opinion that Sweet Potato can indeed taste good.

The Mediocre

The Potato Fries, which apparently is the only item on the menu that's not made in house, were unimpressive. Thin, salted fries that weren't far off from McDonalds'. While perfectly serviceable, they can, and definitely should lift their game for these traditional fried potatoes, especially given how well those sweet potato wedges eventuated.

The Bad

Despite how well done the Sweet Potato Wedges were, same can't be said for the Onion Rings. The batter coating the onion itself was overwhelmingly thick and dense. Chewing through the thick batter, it was clear that it lacked in flakiness and crunchiness. It was definitely a while before you are rewarded with the onion hidden deep underneath.

The Verdict

Overall, Brother Burger dishes out distinctive and enticing burgers and wings that made it an enjoyable cheat meal.

The burgers here, while certainly not the best I've ever had, definitely had their appeal. The interesting combination of flavours and ingredients in both the burgers and wings, made them undeniably tasty and unique.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Sure. We will be back in a jiffy for more of those Sweet Potato Wedges.

We would like to thank Brother Burger for their food and hospitality, and @shortxstout for organising the event.

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