11 Izett Street, Prahran
03 9533 2904
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  • Sriracha Benedict
  • Braised Pork Belly
  • Matcha Cream Waffles
  • Spicy Mac n Cheese Toastie
  • Side of Mushroom and Hash Brown
  • Caramel Tim Tam Milkshake
  • Turmeric Latte

The Good

We started off with Sriracha Benedict and were simply in awe as it arrived at our table. What a sight it was a sight to behold. Beautifully plated, the shrub of firey-red Angel Chilli Hair topped two perfectly poached eggs. This was all shrouded in a coat of creamy and rich sriracha hollandaise that had an exceptional kick in spice. Juxtaposing the hotness of the siracha, we found a generous amount of finger lime, little crystals that literally exploded with lime flavour in your mouth and providing a unique sensation. Underneath, we uncovered some of the most tender and delicate smoked salmon ever. Cured in-house, the fish exhibited just the right amount of smokey flavour that was well balanced with the fresh aroma of the salmon itself, with the protein simply melting away in your mouth. Holding it all together at the bottom of the stack were the quiona fritters. Fried to a nice crispy golden brown outer, within were soft yet wholesome grains of quinoa that was well-spiced with an abundance of herbs.

Another highlight of our meal was the Spicy Mac n Cheese Toastie. I’m a fan of anything Mac N Cheese, and this toastie was no exception. With an incredible crunch, the crispy toast gave way to some of the cheesiest, most flavoursome macaroni ever. Without being overly mushy, the macaroni itself was soft and well complemented by an abundance of cheese and spices, packing a punch in flavour. Combined with some fresh coriander and slices of hot jalapenos, this toastie exhibited a diverse range of flavours that were rather complementary. This was definitely no ordinary toastie!

The Braised Pork Belly didn’t disappoint either. On top of each pork belly, we found a cute dollop of apple cider gel, its fruity sweetness perfectly accompanying and juxtaposing the bold pork aroma. The skin of the pork belly was crispy, though not overly so, and underneath we found evenly distributed layers of fat and protein, so tender and juicy. Despite being served on the side, the spiced red cabbage was no sideshow and could’ve been a delicious dish in its own right. Well-seasoned with a plethora of spices, the flavour profile was incredible and was made even better by the fresh crunch of the cabbage, accompanied by the crispness of the apple slices. This was all held together by a perfectly poached egg that provided a rich creamy texture. Just perfect.

It was dessert time and the Matcha Cream Waffles came highly recommended. Once again, the dish was beautifully plated and topped with a generous scoop of matcha cream. With a bold and pleasant matcha flavour, the cream was exceptionally smooth without being overly rich and heavy. This was served with two toasted waffles, which were lightly toasted to provide a slight crispness on the outer. While the waffle itself was denser than expected, it was overall rather enjoyable along with an abundance of fresh berries and that ever-tasty and aromatic ginger anglaise, which was a very unique and welcome twist to the dish.

The Mediocre

Our only wish would be that they made the waffles in-house. Despite being pleasant, the waffles served today was something we could easily heat up at home ourselves.

The Bad


The Verdict

With a new head chef at the helm, ISIT Cafe provides patrons with an interesting and unique breakfast and brunch experience like no other. The dishes we sampled today had flavours and textures that were exceptionally well-balanced and worked incredibly well together, all with a slight Asian influence. Not only was the presentation of dishes, and yes even the sides, on point, the execution was near-flawless too. All this combined made for a rather spectacular meal.

Would Penguin Eat Again?

Most definitely. ISIT Cafe is no ordinary eatery. While they do have traditional breakfast items on offer that caters to the locals, their more creative dishes like the Sriarcha Benedict and Spicy Mac N Cheese Toasties are nothing short of spectacular, and are definitely worth the trek out for.
ISIT has quickly but surely become one of my favourite brunch joints in Melbourne, and I’d be back for more, again and again. Penguineats would like to thank owner Clinton for inviting us to ISIT Cafe.

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